Monday, January 30, 2012

I may be a bit early!

Yes. I may be a bit early for the Spring trend report, however I am really loving the color Coral that will be popping up in your area soon (if it hasn't already). It's such a versatile and unique color, but it can get on the clownish side if paired with certain colors. We don't want anyone to be mistaken for a sports team player or a Rainbow Brite doll, (I'm just saying). Well you know how I do. I try to give you looks and some options, if you want to jump on this color trend now.

Check em' out!

Ok so this 1st outfit is soooo super modern 70's, with my love of the flare this year and the coral top, it just comes together so LOVELY! Please check out the footwear on this set HOTNESS! One way to pair this color, is to wear it with dark denim, and gold accessories.


Coral pussy-bow top $61.00

Current/Elliot low-rise jeans $205

Jeffrey Campbell black wedge booties $160

DKNY Vintage Bag $355

Pieces Pearl Bangles $21

Pearl stud earrings $14


Ok so you got the top, now you can see how to rock the coral bottoms! So this is definitely when it can get a little tricky or clownish as you will. I would advise to stay away from loud colors and go with neutral, the coral pant is the only pop of color you need. That pop will go a long way..... trust me! I went with, nude and beige, it's a quite a nice palette if I must say so myself.

Weekday Nude shirt $75

Cropped blazer $70

J Brand Jeans $220

Lovely People platform wedge heels

Juicy Couture Coral necklace

Coral Stud earrings $10


Now if adding this color to your wardrobe doesn't entice you at all, no need to fret! I've included some hottness on the shoe and handbag front. Don't just take my word for it, take a look for yourself!

from left to right

1st Row

2 Lips Too ankle wrap $65

Color block shoes $90

3.1 Phillip Lim enevelope clutch bag $425

2nd Row

Clutch hand bag $170

Quepid suede platform heels $34

Michael Antonio Studio block heels $120

3rd Row

Foley Corinna Mid City Tote $198

Kimchi Blue ankle strap wedge $69

Karen Millen mini handbag $200

Jessica Simpson Coral platform  $90

You saw that dopeness above! Happy Shopping REVOLUTIONAIRES!










Monday, January 23, 2012

One, and two, now point your toes

Point your toes? Is this a new fad exercise I am talking about? Hmmm not really. I know as you have been perusing through the shoe stores and shoe racks of your favorite stores, you may have thought that your eyes had been deceiving you. No they didn't, it's true, POINTY TOES are back! After many seasons of killer platforms and chunky heels, the pointy toe stiletto has made it's way back into our lives. Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this - I absolutely LOVE platform shoes. I don't want them to go and right now, and I refuse to part with them. Well hopefully you didn't do a major overhaul of your closet and say "they don't seem to be in style anymore, I should just give them away" (begrudgingly I kept mine) If you weren't one of those "un" lucky ladies,  pull them back out, rock them with a nice pencil skirt, slim jeans, or even bell bottoms. If you did throw them, check below I have found a few to add back to your closet.

I lied about not being excercise, get those calves ready (we all know how those pointy toe stilettos feel) <insert sad face>.


From Left to Right (1st row)
1.Guess Pointed toe pumps
$99 -
2.KG Kurt Geiger Pointed toe booties
$102 -
3.Kate Spade "Licorice Too" shoe
$350 -
(2nd row)
1.Nine West Pointed toe platform wedge
$79 -
2.BeBe Stiletto pump
$100 -
3.Nine West Rocha pum
$79 -




Friday, January 20, 2012

The Lady in Red......

Happy Friday Revolutionaires!

As  I mentioned previously, we will be having guest bloggers and TODAY is the day of our first guest blogger! RozzieNecole


I honor of the movie, Red Tails, let’s honor the Tuskegee Airmen by catwalking in red. Let me start by telling you how much I love the color red. Red sees no season, you can rock a red in on the hottest day in the summer and bundle up in red during the frigid temperatures in the winter. I call red the new neutral because of the ability to mix very well with other colors and prints. This color works almost as a neutral in many cases, being versatile enough to wear with many other colors. Wearing red to the office is an instant symbol of POWER and donning red during a night on the town exudes SEXY.

Start off simple with mixing red with your basics. We all have a classic white, crisp, collared button down, right? Trade in your black slacks for a red skirt and become a fashionable diva behind the desk. Here are your basic neutrals:

Incorporating other colors with red is easy if you think about your primary colors. Remember what colors you mixed with red to make a new beautiful color. For example you mixed blue with red and made purple. Don’t hesitate to grab your sapphire pumps to compliment your red blazer and skinny jeans. Cinching in your waist with a purple belt is perfect with your red dress. Keep these colors in mind to add some flair to your red:

For my fashion mavens, go for a print with your red. Remember, red is now the neutral in your wardrobe. Just remember to only pick one print at a time. If you chose a print that is not black and white, just remember the primary color tricks. FYI: leopard is my favorite print of all time! The mix of red and leopard is very daring and chic.
-Polka dots

What to have in red:
-Handbag: a quick pick-me up for your basic outfit is to add a fabulous red handbag. An added bonus is a shiny patent red bag.
-Shoe: from fancy flats to a runway stiletto, you can not go wrong with a red shoe.
-Sheath dress: flattering on EVERY body type and size.
-Blazer: these are not just for the office any more. Add a red blazer to the sexy black bodycon mini dress for a hint of sexy on date night.



Check RozzieNecole out here!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's take a moment to revisit some things!

Typically at the beginning of the year, people want to start anew and fresh with goals, and resolutions. I'm pretty sure the majority of the population are not adding clothes into that equation. I think you should! It's a perfect time to start building on your wardrobe, checking for what you have and what you don't have, and what you need. So I decided to revisit a post that I think its relevant every year and gives great information.

I wrote this particular post 2 years ago, and titled it Thirty items for your Thirties. However, as I stated in the post during that time, I definitely feel like the majority of the list can be acquired and worn by women of all ages. At the time I wrote the post I felt that these items should be accumulated over the years, I disagree with that now. Honestly, these items should be in your closet now. You will ALWAYS have something to wear, for any occassion!


Thirty for the thirties…

Happy New Year!! It's 2010 2012- wow where did the years go?? It's finally time to start really building your wardrobe, especially during these dark economic times. So, with this blog, I decided to veer off a little and focus on basic key pieces.

I know you have come across many list of must haves, then ten items that every woman must own, the items you have to have obtain before you die (this is a joke), and the list goes on and on! In my opinion there are actually thirty key pieces that every woman must acquire during her 30’s. I chose the 30's because simply Im in my 30's, but I feel the majority of the list can be acquired and worn by women of all ages. Now please don’t run out and buy everything at once, these are items that should be accumulated over the years. I am all about trends, however, classic key pieces has and will always be the BASIS of fashion. –So with that said here are my must have thirty items for your thirties.


  • 1. Dark-Colored Fitted Blazer
  • 2. White Fitted Shirt - long, short, v-neck or scoop neck
  • 3. Pencil Skirt - Flattering on most figures, if not A-line works
  • 4. Oxford Shirt - this can be dressed up or down
  • 5. Little Black Dress - It's just a must
  • 6. Dark Denim Trousers - very slimming and classic
  • 7. A WOW Top - statement piece, something that POPS
  • 8. Cardigan - great transitional piece, and great for layering
  • 9. Skinny or Slim Jean


So here is your basic blueprint, I chose to go with very basic colors just to show the versatility of the clothing. Of course I encourage you to play with colors, and fabrics, but this clean slate here can help ANYONE (even the fashionably challenged) build up their wardrobe.


I think this is an area that is largely missed by a great deal of people. Great outerwear is a must for your 30s. Trust me you are being JUDGED!

  • 10. Trench Coat
  • 11. Pea Coat
  • 12. Cape
No comments needed on any of these, they are self explanatory


Purses and handbags

  • 13. Animal Print - it's really a classic piece that manages to make a debut almost every season
  • 14. Bright Colored Purse or Clutch - great way to add flair to an outfit
  • 15. Black Leather Bag - for everyday, this is a no-brainer no picture needed

Shoes, boots and other footwear

  • 16. Patent Leather - always in style
  • 17. Stylish Sport Shoe - my go to, are Chuck Taylors, cute, stylish and come in a variety of colors
  • 18. Gym/Running shoes - being healthy never goes out of style, physical fitness is a must
  • 19. Basic Black Pump - again a no-brainer
  • 20. The WOW Shoe - rhinestones, multi-colored, etc.
  • 21. Knee Boots - flat or heeled


  • 22. Colorful or Patterned Scarf
  • 23. Brooch - sounds old school, but it isn't and you can get very creative and add flair to an outfit
  • 24. Diamond Earrings - a real pair would be ideal, and let's be conscious and choose conflict free diamonds
  • 25. Tortoise-shelled Frame Sunglasses - this print goes with everything, it will be more versatile than a basic black frame
  • 26. Large Wide Belt- slimming and it can add an extra zaa zaa zoom to an otherwise boring outfit
  • 27. Fedora Hat - you will like stylish and put together even on a bad hair day
  • 28. Pearls - long, short, multi-strand or single, classic, and screams you are a Lady




Bonus Items: - Like the Pointer Sisters said "She works hard for the money", so why not treat yourself for once (or twice)

  • 29. Insanely Expensive Purse
  • 30. Insanely Expensive Pair of Shoes



Honorable Mention - an accessory that goes underneath it all

*****Shapewear - Spanx, Body Magic, choose your posion but you definitely need one (or many)*******


Nothing to wear you say?? Look at the 30 items above - u can EASILY create 10 outfits and MORE – lets take a look. Here are TEN combinations - YOU just can't beat that














As you can see, the combinations are unlimited! These basic items can carry easily into the next decade - the key is to build on your basic wardrobe and add trendy pieces as needed.

Now tell me what do you think are the MUST HAVE ITEMS for every woman.


Until next time....



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trends I Like: Capes

I'm loving the Cape trend this winter - instead of going for a conventional winter coat, why not opt for a cape. They come in all sizes, colors, fabrics and price ranges. I know for some of us who are touched by a colder climate, and have to sacrifice warmth for cuteness, capes can definitely keep the cute factor going. They look great on all figures, even the pregnant mommies (who sometimes get shafted in their fashion selections). I've included a couple of different styles, so that you can find one that compliments your figure.

Where to buy: (from left to right, starting with top row)

Tweed Contrast Cape Coat - $44

Mutli Faux Leather Trim Cape - $70

Coast Minnette Cape Coat - $300

Toggle Closure Cape - $199

Linea Weekend Tweed Cape - $93

Milly Purple Sienne Belted Cape -$475




Monday, January 9, 2012

A kid at heart!

i'm a kid at heart, it's true and most kids like me - I really think its because I'm short, have a small voice and they feel like I am a little bit on their level. I mean really, I think that's what it is, now in saying all that I really enjoy one of their favorite pastimes. What might that be you ask? It's coloring, and quite honestly it is one of the most relaxing activites to do. If I'm really stressed out, and I need a quick fix, pulling out the good old 120 Crayola box (yes, I'm OFFICIAL) and a great coloring book will do the job. So imagine my surprise when I found out that someone created a Fashion Coloring Book! OH EM GEE!!! Yes! I couldn't believe it either!

Created by fashion blogger Lulu Chang and artist Carol Chu, The Fashion Coloring Book pays homage to over 50 designers including, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen just to name a few. One-hundred and twenty-eight pages of FASHION to color and accessorize. I cannot wait to get my hands on it!













Pre-order on release date 3/6/12.



Friday, January 6, 2012

The hands say it all

Easily one of the most slept on fashion accessories out there. What you say that is?? NAIL LACQUER! Many of my friends know that I'm kind of obsessed about nail polish. You can never have enough colors, and it definitely makes a fashion statement and its INEXEPNSIVE. I'm really surprised that I never did a blog on it. Well there is definitely a first time for everything and it definitely wont be the last time I blog on this.

Ok so let me put you all up on some GAME! Nail polish trends for this season.. Sparkle and Glitter, Green, Chocolate Brown, Classic Red, Almost Black (lol I know, I guess we can call it off black like pantyhose or 2B in the hair world) Cobalt Blue and Metallics, are the MUST HAVES on your nails this winter!.

Also in the world of nail lacquer, hittting the shelves this month is Nicki Minaj's collaboration with O.P.I. I absolutely detested Nicki when she 1st hit the scene, but she has slowly grown on me and although it has nothing to do with music I am absolutley loving this collection. She's actually just in time for the winter with her colors! I'm really interested in the Shattered color called "Super Bass".

Happy Friday Revolutionaires!