Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are you a biker chick????????


Well if you weren't before, you have the opportunity to jump on the Bandwagon Express this season! Biker boots are in full effect, and there are plenty of hot styles to choose from. 

Didn't we talk about leather pants in the last blog? Leather pants, biker boots, and more to come but you see where this is going? There is definitely a theme going on here this fall. I'm going to be honest, this season here is definitely for the risk taker! Not sure you can take the risk???? Trust me on this I will definitely show even the conservative Revolutionaires how to rock it!

Top row

1. Tory Burch - Stowe Flat Motor Boots - $575


2. Gryson - Cornelia Flat Motor Boots $675


3. Rag & Bone - Motorcycle Boots $140


4. Lauren by Ralph Lauren "Sella" Boots $169


5. Candela - Studded Ankle Boots $595


Bottom Row


1. Juicy Couture Women's "Serena" Leather Platform Ankle Boots $167


2. Diane von Furstenberg "Avalon" Platform Booties $395


3. Rugged Boots  - Fall Essentials  $248


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chapter 3.... (ok, I've been waiting for this one)

Ok, so I have literally had these in my closet for about 6 years (maybe longer) tags on them and everything - even tried to sell them on Ebay to no avail. Sure glad they didn't go, because they ARE BACK!!! 

Dare you ask?


Leather Pants baby!!!!!!!! We are talking, skinnies, baggies, capris, etc. just leather and just do it (by the way faux leather works too)! I mean I remember when my mom would rock her leather pants with a sweater (in the 80s), and heels, yoooo I just thought it was so sophisticated and classy, and edgy. Now they're back, and I honestly believe anyone can wear them! Now if only the bring back the denim with the leather on the front... IMA ACT A FOOL!!!!! 

1. Leatherette Skinny Pants $40 - 

2. Shape FX Control Leather Pants $119 -

3. Geren Ford Pleated Leather Pants $495 -

5. Paige Denim Black Label Hyde Park Skinny Leather -


Ladies, I think I am tired of the Chapters so we will just go with some funky titles for the upcoming blogs! 





Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chapter 2

I said dresses right?? Well, I know this is for fall and all, but this is what was BLAZING the runways. Not just any dresses, but ONE-SHOULDER dresses, and I'm talking from formal, to a night out, to downright casual. You pick the occasion, there is a one-shoulder dress for you. I can actually say that I am digging them, but with that said I do have to get it together on the toning of the arms, and I'm all in!! 

1. BCBGMAXAZRIA Shimmery Jersey One-Shoulder Dress - -


2. Short One Shoulder Dress - Torn by Ronny Kobo


3. One Shoulder Dress - Young Fabulous & Broke


4. Aqua Striped Neon One-Shoulder Dress


5. “Charm” One Shoulder fringe dress (LARGE PICTURE)





Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall Edition 2009 - Chapter 1!

Sooo Revolutionaires!! Fall is fast approaching, Sept 22nd to be exact, and of course I don't want to leave you all hanging - nope I would never do that! Over the next couple of weeks I will be bringing the hottest trends for the fall 2009. 

Disclaimer: We all know the runways sets the trends, and the rest follow. But don't get discouraged, YOU know I will be blogging about low priced options as they come! This is just an informational of sorts - so I wont get into the how to hook it up, or outfit options, I just want you to know what to look out for, and on down the line we will hook YOU up!

1st up HOT PINK!!! Hot pink was HOT on the runway for fall 2009, especially at the Marc Jacobs show. I personally love hot pink, I think if I were a color I would be hot pink. There are so many options, and its so versatile, if a entire dress is just too much, rock a hot pink purse or a pair of heels. Like I said there are so many options - just let me show you.


Hot pink on the runway



Hot pink Everyday


next up, Chapter 2: DRESSES, hahaha but their is a twist and I'll tell you what that is 2morrow! ( I can't give you too much too soon lol)