Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chapter 3.... (ok, I've been waiting for this one)

Ok, so I have literally had these in my closet for about 6 years (maybe longer) tags on them and everything - even tried to sell them on Ebay to no avail. Sure glad they didn't go, because they ARE BACK!!! 

Dare you ask?


Leather Pants baby!!!!!!!! We are talking, skinnies, baggies, capris, etc. just leather and just do it (by the way faux leather works too)! I mean I remember when my mom would rock her leather pants with a sweater (in the 80s), and heels, yoooo I just thought it was so sophisticated and classy, and edgy. Now they're back, and I honestly believe anyone can wear them! Now if only the bring back the denim with the leather on the front... IMA ACT A FOOL!!!!! 

1. Leatherette Skinny Pants $40 - 

2. Shape FX Control Leather Pants $119 -

3. Geren Ford Pleated Leather Pants $495 -

5. Paige Denim Black Label Hyde Park Skinny Leather -


Ladies, I think I am tired of the Chapters so we will just go with some funky titles for the upcoming blogs! 






kylie b said...

I said the same thing about the denim with the leather on the front! lol