Thursday, April 30, 2009

Killing the streets

These damn caged heels are everywhere, well on every celebrity. I mean seriously, don't they know that regular folk are trying to keep up, and how do they think we are to manage that with these damn $1000 plus sandals!! Whose doing that?? I'm definitely not! Good thing my readers have me here, right?

So Beyonce was spotted the other day in Vienna rocking a sheer burnout tank, white Valentino studded bag,  Zombie J Brand distressed jeans ($210), and the SOLD OUT ($1190 ) YSL Caged Heel. Usually, Beyonce is a mess (and I love her to death, but her style is the PITS) but I actually love this look, its very "Carrie-ish". Almost makes you wonder, was she watching an old episode of SATC when she put this together, it looks VERY FAMILIAR.



Now you know this is where I come in, if you want to duplicate this look, but for the LOW. Check me out!

Where to buy:

1. Levis 501 Distressed Jeans $68.00 2. Sheer Basic Burnout Tank $9.80 3. Xhilaration Striped Fedora $12.99 4. Classic Clasp Chain Belt $10.80 (I added 2 here to get the double look) 5. Metallic Studded Handbag $29.80 6. Ashton Caged Sandal $79.95




Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bleaching is cool!!!

Bleached jeans!! YES! They are the newest (oldest) trend in denim today! What I like about this look, is its so versatile. No really it is. You can take it from day to evening, however I wouldn't recommend wearing it on Casual Day at the office. 

I have posted some of my favorites, from $24.99, all the way up to $265.00 (whatever your fancy)

1st Row

1.     Karen Walker Runway Jean in Indigo $265.00;

2.     Xhilaration Skinny Joplin Tie Dye $24.99;

3.     Chip & Pepper Slider $176.00;


2nd Row

4.     Levis 631 Skinny Premium $68.00;

5.     Bleach Dyed Skinny $46.90;

6.     SIWY- Hannah Superstition; $193.00


ORRRRRRRRRRR you can try the Recession Proof option! Make your own, its free!!!

*******please note******* I know most will feel the need to use a pair of old jeans, but please don't pull out the outdated joints from back in the 80s

Sooooooooooo not CUTE!!!!! 

Here’s step by step instructions on how

1. a) You will need a pair of jeans (dark blue or black)

    b) household bleach (chlorine),

    c) spray bottle and rubber gloves.

    d) plastic bags/carboard (something to put jeans on)

2. Pour bleach into spray bottle (for a lighter effect, mix with water)

3. Dampen jeans with water and place jeans on plastic bags (or whatever you are using) on floor

4. Spray bleach on the desired spots.

5. Wash jeans and dry

6. For a distressed look use rough sandpaper and rub the areas where you  want the distressing


If you dare to try this look, please send pictures, or if you just want to know how to "hook-up" your bleached dyed jeans holla at me @



Friday, April 24, 2009

Get the look!

So I know that you have seen these shoes on every relevant and nonrelevant celebrity as of late.. And you probably either love them or hate them. What are they you ask? The Louis Vuitton "Spicy" Sandal. Retailing for about $2200 (of course only those with dough are rocking em') There are two styles, the Spicy in red python, which features an ethnic-inspired mask, made with beads, fringes, sequins and gold hardware. The Spicy in navy suede, made with beads, fealthers, sequins and gold hardware.

Check them out




Now if you love, love these, and you are big balling! Be my guest, and get you a pair. Word on the street is, LV will actually customize them per customer's request (it's going to cost you though, I hear around $5k) so you wont have to worry about anyone with the same pair. However, if you are like most and you love these, then you are searching for a similar look but much less expensive.

I found two.

Top Shop's Primal-Voodoo Sandal for $250.00



BeBe's Fay Exotic Sandal for $169.00

Speaking of shoes...

I had to post this, because I thought it was the coolest thing ever. So I was browsing the internet (as I often do lol) and I came across this WONDERFUL and CUTE invention. If you are always looking for a great way to store or showcase your shoes, you are going to looooove this!

The Shoe Wheel by Rakku Designs - comes in four different colors (white, silver, pink and black) and retails for $65.00 and it can hold up to 30 pair of shoes

There is also the Shoe Pod that comes in two colors (silver, black) retails for $35.00 and holds up to 18 pair of shoes (this style is made longer and wider to hold men's shoes)

The Rakkido for kids comes in three colors (white, pink, blue) retails for $39.99 and holds up to 20 pair of shoes

you can find these at

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rachel Roy for Macy's!

IM BACK!!!!!!! So finally, I am back, and I had to pose the question "What can I talk about" I have missed so much, and the things I wanted to talk about, are now old.... 

sooo I will talk about news that was released the other day. Rachel Roy for Macy's! Now how about that? The line will debut in August 2009 and will retail $59 to $299 for apparel, $79 to $199 for footwear, $40 to $195 for jewelry, and $69 to $109 for handbags. 

Ok so what do you all think?????

Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Fashion News

Unfortunately the Mac is still on the brink :0(, but I can at least give you some fashion news right (even if its a little late) ??? I hope to be back soon!!! 


After speculations, rumors, conflicts, construction problems, the famous UK-based Topshop opened yesterday in New York City (how lucky are they) can we get something new and exciting here in Atlanta (and not 10 years after everyone else)? The great thing about Topshop is that they will have deliveries daily and there will be 100 new pieces in the store each week, and the prices are similar to those of H&M! (wow) If you plan on visiting NYC anytime soon, check them out @ 478 Broome Street located in SOHO.



All of you Project Runway, fans will not have to wait much longer - the 6th season will finally debut in May on LIFETIME. Yep no longer on BRAVO anymore, after a lawsuit, and eventual settlement. Word is that the cast (host and judges) will stay the same, and so will the format (I hope so, because that couldnt be good). Bravo will debut a show on May 7th, similar to Project Runway called "The Fashion Show" (how original) starring Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland? (yeah, I thought the same thing). I won't make any further comments until I actually see the show - it may be a new favorite!



(photo courtesy of

Now for the foolishness! "What the hell was he thinking?" for the week, is Dwight Eubanks of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. He apparently held an engagement party for him and his bride-to be (yes a woman) recently in Atlanta. Now check out the shirt and the pants!!!! First of all, no time in the last 90 years has it been cold enough in Atlanta to wear some damn mink pants. Is he SERIOUS? He looks a damn fool! I also refuse to comment any further on the "engagement party". 



Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am experiencing a "Carrie Bradshaw" moment with my Mac - as soon as I get it together, I will be back to posting the hotness. Please bear with me!