Thursday, April 30, 2009

Killing the streets

These damn caged heels are everywhere, well on every celebrity. I mean seriously, don't they know that regular folk are trying to keep up, and how do they think we are to manage that with these damn $1000 plus sandals!! Whose doing that?? I'm definitely not! Good thing my readers have me here, right?

So Beyonce was spotted the other day in Vienna rocking a sheer burnout tank, white Valentino studded bag,  Zombie J Brand distressed jeans ($210), and the SOLD OUT ($1190 ) YSL Caged Heel. Usually, Beyonce is a mess (and I love her to death, but her style is the PITS) but I actually love this look, its very "Carrie-ish". Almost makes you wonder, was she watching an old episode of SATC when she put this together, it looks VERY FAMILIAR.



Now you know this is where I come in, if you want to duplicate this look, but for the LOW. Check me out!

Where to buy:

1. Levis 501 Distressed Jeans $68.00 2. Sheer Basic Burnout Tank $9.80 3. Xhilaration Striped Fedora $12.99 4. Classic Clasp Chain Belt $10.80 (I added 2 here to get the double look) 5. Metallic Studded Handbag $29.80 6. Ashton Caged Sandal $79.95





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