Friday, April 24, 2009

Get the look!

So I know that you have seen these shoes on every relevant and nonrelevant celebrity as of late.. And you probably either love them or hate them. What are they you ask? The Louis Vuitton "Spicy" Sandal. Retailing for about $2200 (of course only those with dough are rocking em') There are two styles, the Spicy in red python, which features an ethnic-inspired mask, made with beads, fringes, sequins and gold hardware. The Spicy in navy suede, made with beads, fealthers, sequins and gold hardware.

Check them out




Now if you love, love these, and you are big balling! Be my guest, and get you a pair. Word on the street is, LV will actually customize them per customer's request (it's going to cost you though, I hear around $5k) so you wont have to worry about anyone with the same pair. However, if you are like most and you love these, then you are searching for a similar look but much less expensive.

I found two.

Top Shop's Primal-Voodoo Sandal for $250.00



BeBe's Fay Exotic Sandal for $169.00


Sugapie said...

I say NO to these..they are just way too busy!