Friday, March 27, 2009

Ok so how about $130??

I was going to do a post about hot new sunglasses, but after looking outside and the dreary mood. I just couldn't. However, I did decide to tackle another challenge - my previous post of outfits under $200 was a little pricey (so I heard lol). So I challenged myself for looks under $100, and although that is VERY POSSIBLE to do, its hard for me, because when I put together an outfit, I always include handbags and accessories. Of course, if you 86 those items, and work with what you have at home, you can definitely hit under $100.

So here goes....

For the office - definitely for a nice sunny spring day! I actually left out the handbag here (because in the office, you dont have to have a matching bag) - Total Price $109

1. apt. 9 Floral Strapless Dress $29.99 2. Wood beaded necklace $25.00 3. Crochet Dreamcather Earrings $5.00 4. Cotton cardigan $17.80 5. Molded Flower Bracelet $5.99 6. QUPID Darcy Womens Sandal $24.99 

I'm digging this summer casual look with the bermuda shorts. - Total Price $120 

1. Floral Ruffle Chiffon Top $22.50 2. Extended Tab Bermuda Shorts $38.00 3. Chinese Laundry Stud Clutch $19.97 4. Antique Elegance Cuff $6.80 5. Wood and Gold earrings $3.80 6. SM New York Brazill $29.12

This ENTIRE outfit is from Forever 21! (let me tell you, forever 21 is definitely a staple for inexpensive fashion and accessories - if you AINT on it, you need to GET on it! - Total Price $110

1.Vest Top $22.80 2. Stone Wash Skinny Jean $22.80 3. Textured Oblong Hoop Earrings $5.80 4. Fedora with feather $10.80 5. Glitter Clutch $16.80 6. Silver Feather necklace $5.80 7.Hammered Silver Bangle $4.80 8. Floral Peep Toe Pumps $20.80

I think you could pull this off on a date night or lounge hopping. I decided to forgo a necklace and arm candy with this look, (with tunic style shirts) you don't necessarily need them, but you do need a pair of killer earrings!  - Total Price $130

1. Medallion Screen Tunic $38.00  2. Belted Short $18.50 3. Candie’s Flap-Over Clutch $25.20  4. Chandelier Door Knocker $24.99 5. Aston Patent Platform $22.80

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fashion & Style Honors - ATL EVENT!!! You Don't Want To MISS!

The Fashion & Style Honors will serve as a platform showcasing the tastemakers and influencers in this realm for a bold format celebration. The evening affair will include an awards segment recognizing editors, stylists, retailers, designers, educators, style makers, emerging talent, behind the scenes influencers and other market makers with an interactive fashion presentation, live music performances, art exhibitions, multimedia and so much more.

Established in 2008, with the vision of paying homage to the creative community, the Fashion & Style Honors aims to be one of the most unifying chic events within the city. Fashion and Style Honors will travel to five markets during 2009. The goal of the Honors event is to increase awareness of the talent that contribute to growth and progressiveness. The nominees and presenters will be selected by each city's prospective style- enthused community through and online platform and monitored by a committee of fashionably astute individuals. Official voting begins March 4, 2009, with nominee categories listed on the website. Tickets are onSALE NOW, with general admission starting at $25.00.

For more information please visit


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

beanpYe anyone???

Are you always looking for one of a kind jewelry? Pieces that really say something when you wear them? Items that you know, you wont ever see on anyone else??? I know I am.. 

Look no further.. beanpYe is for you.

The company describes it self as "an online jewelry company specializing in handcrafted bracelets, necklaces and earrings for the funky and fierce women of the world". Based out of NYC , beanpYe was started in 2005, by owner Sabrina Thompson. Some of beanpYe's clients include, India.aire, Nelly Furtado, Alicia Keyes and Fashion Revolutionaire (lol) just to name a few.

Funky and fierce is what they are - everytime I rock one of my pieces from beanpYe, I get countless compliments. Who doesn't love that???

All beanpYe bracelets are imported from Mumbai, and 10 percent of sales go to Save Darfur foundation - So see you can be fly and philanthropic at the same time!





Friday, March 20, 2009

It's the first day of SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!

Yaaaaayy!! Today is the first official day of spring, so you know what that means??????????? It's JELLY TIME!!

Remember Jellies? Yeah, the shoes! LOL and the bracelets, well they have resurfaced!

You either love em' or hate em! I may try a pair (oh wait, actually I have a pair from last summer from BCBG and I loooove them, so I guess that means I'm already in!) - definitely won't be doing any amounts upwards of $30.00!! (lol)

1. Givency Jelly Caged Sandal $170.00

2. See by Chloe Flat Jelly Sandals $125.00

3. Melissa Joy & Alexandre Herchovitch Jelly Oxford $100.00

4. Tory Burch Women’s “Reva” Jelly Flats

5. Ragg Micah Jelly Bellerina $45.00

6. City Style Beaded Jelly Sandals $14.95


Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy this beautiful weather (well in ATL that is, sorry east coasters)!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yep in my white tee!!!

Its just not the guys who should have white tee's as a staple, I think every woman on the planet should invest in white tees. They are inexpensive, yet they work for any occasion. YOU SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST 2 ON DECK AT ALL TIMES!!!

I know times are hard on the boulevard, and everyone needs to hold on to their wallets a bit tighter. Three different ways you can wear a white tee, and the outfits are all under $200. I mean really, can you beat that??

The White Tee used on all of the outfits can be found at for about $6.00

The White Tee at the office - this look is pretty much appropriate for any office environment, pair your white tee, with a high-waist skirt (could be pencil) I decided to go with a flutter look, a pair of cute peep-toe booties, and color coordinated accessories to complete the look. Total price for complete outfit $197.00!!!

1. Morgan Patent Tie Up Peep-toe Shoes $41.25  2. Dream Catcher Earring $6.00  3. Cheap Monday Ruby Black Skirt  $70.00  4. Mustard Yellow Oversized ''Ashlee'' Tote Purses $39.95  5. Pearl & Gold Necklace $12.80  6. Feather Bangle $5.80  7. Bright Lady Watch $38.00


The White Tee hanging out - the great thing about this look, is that you can wear this on casual Friday at the office, and go straight to cocktails with the girls after work. Before you ask, yes the scarf has been carried over to Spring (embrace it TWINKLE TOES lol), but here it definitely works. The White tee, a pair of high-waist slacks (or regular), I think the high-waist gives the look that extra Ummph, I added silver flats and a handbag, tribal detail earrings and a colorful cuff. Total price $199.60!!!

1. Abaete Morgan Pant $85.00  2. Dolce Vita Olive Patent Flat in Dark Silver $42.00 3.Convertable Metallic Clutch $29.99 4. Tiered Shell Earrings $24.00 5. Multi-Colored Scarf $6.80 6. SONOMA Beaded Cuff Bracelet $12.00



The White Tee at the Spot - (whatever spot you want it to be, the lounge, a date, etc.)- Here, I am my own inspiration! This is pretty much my style, the white tee is oh-soo fly with the dark denim skinny jeans, paired with a funky sequined purse, and some killer platforms. I added old school door knocker earrings, a multi-strand gold necklace and gold cuff to complete the look. Oh, I can't forget my shades!! Total price $179.05! (WOW.. can you believe that??)

1. 1980s Door Knockers $5.99 2. INC Skinny Jeans $59.00  3. Union Jack Clutch $41.25 4. Multi-Strand Gold Chain  $7.80 5. Hammered Row Cuff $6.00 6. Chinese Laundry $47.90

7. Butterfly Shape Sunglasses $8.00



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Harem Pant

AHA! I have been challenged again - the harem pant. Definitely not for everyone, and if you are bit more on the conservative side, you may not want to venture this far out. With that said - I think the looks, that I put together, most could duplicate and look FLY in it. 

DISCLAIMER: No there isn't a look for the office, unless you are in a creative field (and anything goes as far as clothing), I don't think harem pants are appropriate. Even with a blazer (lol) Imagine that?

Some of these looks are totally not cheap - however, there is always a more inexpensive alternative. For me, I like to pair expensive items, with not so expensive items. You don't have to come out dressed in labels from head to toe to be fly, and you don't have to penny pinch and not be fly.

Style in the City - Ok so this is a chill mode outfit, if you are unsure about the harem pant look on you, the perfect way to try a trend is to do a casual look first. 1st of all its comfortable, which will allow YOU to be more comfortable, and that always pulls off a look. Quirky fun graphic tee's are a perfect way to start on building this look, add a colorful tote,funky accessories and some shades (shades are key, you can actually make an entire look on sunglasses alone) and there you have it. 

1. Graphic Tee $10.90 2. Dioma Crop Pant 75.00 GBP 3. Tom Ford Aviator $291.00 4. Kidrobot Dome Bag $198.00 5. Black and Red Skull Bracelet 3pk $10.00 6. Earrings Gun Heart $7.00 7. Pour La Victoire (my new fave you know) Gladiator Sandal $275.00

Up in the DA CLUB - This look is definitely for those more on the edgier/trendier side of fashion. Its cute, and fun and you definitely need the right attitude to pull this off. Don't be afraid to add color, just imagine how completely different this look would be if it was in all shades on black and grey? BORING!

1. Sequin Tunic Top $18.50 2. Splendid Jersey Harem Pants $120.00 3. Hammered Metal Earrings $34.00 4.Le Silla sandal $368.00 5.Felix Rey Mesi Ikat Clutch $190.00 6. Balenciaga Clear Oversized Sunglasses 289.00 GBP 7. Betsey Johnson Black Bow Necklace $110.00 8. Hammered Silver Cuff $6.80 9. Black Ring $3.80 10. Women's Charm Bracelet $250.00

OOOOH-WEEEEEE - Date night!! The Harem jumpsuit is another alternative, and a one-piece is always easy to throw on, add some bold accessories and I bet you, heads will turn.

1. Love Moschino Jumpsuit $225.00 2. Betsey Johnson Leopard Print Ring $65.00 3. Gold Chain Bib Necklace $330.00 4. Candie's Patchwork Clutch $28.00 5. 3-piece Bangle Set in Leopard (check for pricing) 6. 1960 Resin Stone Earrings in Black $32.00 7. Sam Edelman Nilla High Heel Gladiator Sandal $128.95


I hope you all have fun creating your own look with the harem pant. Matter of fact - please tell me about it or send a picture @, I may even share your story or picture! :)


Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Flyness.....

Its that time again... "It's Friday, It's Friday, its the end of the week, its the last day"!!!! So I had to leave you with some Flyness!!


Aren't these a beaut! Yours for only $810.00 (lol)


Max Kibardin shoe booties exclusively @


also word on the street, is that these converse will be dropping soon in US (already in Japan- they get everything first ugghh) I am a huge Chuck fan, I think every fashionable woman should have at least one pair, but check these out. I love them, and they are featured in my fave color!!!


Have a good weekend Revolutionaires!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Irregardless!?!? Hawt Couture!?!? WTH!

There is nothing worse in the world, than hearing someone pronounce sh&% completely wrong, or using a word that doesn't exist at all. It's like nails on a chalkboard, and I literally cringe.

When I saw these t-shirts, I was overjoyed!!!! Someone, got it right! You can find these at


Which leads me to my other issue. I ABSOLUTELY hate when people buy clothing, but can't pronounce the designers name. If you don't know how to say it, you shouldn't be buying it CASE CLOSED!!!! So I decided to help some of the culprits out. Here is a lesson in fashion for today!

Badgley Mischka: Badge-lee Meesh-ka

Bebe: Bee-bee (Yeah I have heard Bay-Bay before!)

Bottega Veneta: Bo-tega Ven-e-ta

Bvlgari: Ball-gah-ree

Burberry Prorsum: Bur-bur-ree Pror-some

Carolina Herrera: Caro-leena Hair-era

Christian Louboutin: Loo-boo-tin

Givenchy: Jhee-von-shee

Hermès: Air-mez

Hervé Léger: Air-vay Lay-jay

Lanvin: Lon-vin

Loewe: Low-ev-ay

Moschino: Mo-ski-no

Proenza Schouler: Pro-enza Skool-er

Thierry Mugler: Tee-air-ree Moog-lay

Yohji Yamamoto: Yo-jee Ya-ma-mo-to

Haute Couture - its “Hoat (as in boat) Coo-toor not HOT or HAWT Coo-toor





Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Boyfriend Jean ..


So many of you ask, with this hot an heavy trend, how do I rock this look? Trust me, I wondered the same thing, plus I love very fitted jeans (tight some may say lol), it's going to be hard to let go. But let me show u some options, maybe it will change your mind.


Casual & Cool: 1. Crossover Top $24.75 2. Multi-colored earrings $20.65 3. Gold Bracelet set $12.99 4. Wooden Orbit Bracelet $6.50 5. Melia Bianco Purse $61.00 6. Levi's 501 Boyfriend Cut Jean $78.00 8. Cynthia Vincent Dinah Gladiator Sandal $210.00


Flirty & Feminine: 1. Medallion Flutter Top $21.99 2. Rosette Filigree Earrings $12.00  3. Oversized Ring $4.80 4. Purple & Gold Stacked Bangles $100.00 5.Matte Bib Necklace $28.00 6. Joe's Jeans Ex-Lover Crop Boyfriend $173.00 7. Linea Pelle Gold Clutch $137.50 8. Dolce Vita Aries Sandal $98.00


Hip & Fly: 1. White Ribbed Tank Top $6.50 2. Cupcake Pendant $16.50 3. Triple Twist Hoops $14.00 4. O-Ring Stretch Belt 5. Boyfriend Jean $59.00  6. Wide Cuff Bracelet (check for price) 7. Mirror Aviator Sunglasses 8. Marc Jacobs Mettalic Tote $230.00  9. Chinese Laundry Bright-Multi Sandal $69.99 


The Trendsetting DIVA - you can take this look from day to night (shout out to "fashion blogger" A-LO, you were my inspiration for this look!! I think its sooo her): 1. Sheer Cotton Shirt $24.50 2. Racer Back Vest $19.50 3. Fedora Hat $8.80 4. A.B.S. Long Pearl Necklace $40.00 5. Jessica Kagan Cushman Bracelets $122.00  6. Glass Drop Earrings $76.00 7. Levi's 501 Boyfriend Cut Jeans $78.00 8. Metal Link Envelope Clutch $235.00  9. Flower Detail Shoe Boot $624.00 (yeah these are expensive! but hot) 10. Converse Ox $45.50 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yep! Remember the fierce diva Christian Soriano, Project Runway's 4th season winner?? Well he is coming out with a shoe and accessory line, for Payless. Prices will be between $25-$45 (and its supposed to be real leather - we will see about that). Soriano's collection will debut in Payless stores, this fall. Ok, Payless I see you!

What do you all think?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Rihanna better come back quick......

because Amber Rose is KILLING the game right now!!!!! See how one can people profit from other's downfalls?? LOL!! So Kanye and his new lady Amber Rose have been spotted in various cities around the world, (this week they are in Paris checking out Fashion Week) and whoever's been styling this chick is definitely making their money. I love that she rocks her look like "WHAT?"


Now granted, the halter top outfit was not "it" but this right here! Is THE BUSINESS!! Check her out..

The Chanel Sunglasses are AWESOME! The coat, FLY.. even her armpiece is looking right (and I rarely think Kanye is doing it) and she's taken over in this pic. I mean really who is the star???

photo courtesy of

I'm digging this whole look right here!

THE SHOES!! Check the footwork!

Kanye has officially made her a star (and THANK GOD he's back to his old look - the shag was a hot mess). I BET cash money, she's going to get some kind of deal out all of this. You heard it hear 1st!

I mean really at this rate, we may be seeing Ms. Rose every week on this blog.

First Time EVER!!

Oprah has allowed someone else to grace the cover of "O" magazine, besides Big O herself. Our very own 1st Lady Michelle Obama, has made the cut for the April issue. For the cover Mrs. Obama's chooses a coral Michael Kors sheath dress, yellow cashmere cardigan by Dear, and a Sonia Rykiel "clear" waist cincher belt. Oprah is sporting a lavender shirtdress from Rachel Roy.

I'm really digging Mrs. O's belt.. and I'm digging that she's daring to be different in terms of style.



Friday, March 6, 2009

Random Flyness.....

i "heart" these shoes!!! So much so, that instead of hoarding them for myself - and busting out with them like "BAM" (In Living Color style). I decided to share them with you.. (WARNING: These aren't for everyone.. - but the things I would do with those.)

Jeffrey Campbell - comes in 3 colors (natural, black, too stripperish looking in my opinion) and grey) $140.00



Have a great weekend everyone!




Random News....

Forever 21 heard the call! New York's Daily News magazine "The Cut" announced that the retailer will be debuting a plus-size line called Faith 21 this May. I'm sure my Curvy girls will appreciate this!!!


Betsey Johnson's take on things...

Looks Like Betsey Johnson followed in the foot steps of Marc Jacobs. She has created her own "tribute" collection to Stephen Sprouse. Funny thing is, this stuff will go GREAT with MJ's Louis Vuitton's collection. Go to to check out more.





Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it me???

am I tripping?? Or does it seem like a lot of people have been rocking CLAW CLIPS lately?? Was this added to the list of spring trends for 09' (not 99')? Are we really bringing this back? I apologize for offending anyone (if you are a culprit). I mean don't get me wrong, I use them religiously. Yes I do, they are great tools to use;  holding my hair in sections when flat ironing, or walking around the house with conditioner on, and even while cleaning up. However, it seems like I am seeing it more and more in public.  But I just can't.....

Sooo if you are culprit can I at least give a few alternatives:

How about claw clips with patterns, bling, something(other than what I am seeing) - see take a look.


1. 2. 3. 4.          5.


or how about NO hair clip at all??? 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Curvaceous Revolutionaires...

I have been challenged! Yes, someone actually challenged me; claiming that they weren't any CUTE or FLY items for the more CURVACEOUS this spring. Well you know I am always up for a challenge! Check out these fly fits for my plus size divas!


1.Cute Frilly tops (both) from $34.99 - 2.Nine west Trouser style stretch jeans $99.00 -

 Here are a couple of different looks (as you can see I'm really into the belt trend again - but you can find the accessories that work best for you)

1.White & Black Ruffled Front Swing Dress $78.00 - 2.RSVP Megan $85.00 - 3.Women's Plus Keyhole Halter Top $22.50 - 4.Z Cavaricci Crinkle Front Dark Wash Jean $48.00 - 5.Regal Studded Platform Sandal (call for pricing) - 6.Sydnee Dress $48.00 - 7.Mia Suri Tribal Sandal $100.00 - 

1.INC Plus Size Embroidered Scoop-Neck Dress with Bell Sleeves $109.00 - 2.Necessary Object Plus Size Ruffled Wrap Dress $59.00 - 3.Black Chiffon Tiered Tube Dress $68.00 - 4.Necessary Objects Plus Size Ruffled Top with Belt $33.75 - 5.INC Long Sleeve Open Sized Cardigan $69.00 -

1.Ryan Halter Maxi Dress $59.00 - 2.Side Cinch Jumpsuit $29.98 - 3.Printed Short-Sleeve Maxi Dress $49.00 -

All Hail McQueen!

Alexander McQueen's Brit-Rock inspired designs hit the racks at Target today. This contemporary collection was inspired by the London band The Duke Spirit. I definitely see a couple of pieces I am eyeing. Remember, its only for a limited time - so if you see something that's a must have, get it while you can. You know how it goes down at Target, if you don't get it when you see it, you won't see it anymore!


Here a few pieces from the line.....


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Get The Look...

This is something new that I will be starting on a weekly basis. (fingers crossed lol) Sometimes I receive emails from friends, sending me a pictures of an item a celebrity had worn, and asking if I could find for them. Sometimes I'm succesful (very few times, Im not), and even sometimes I can find the LOOK for LESS!!! I mean why pay all that money? When you can recreate the same look for much less.


This Dress has been HOTTTTT on the Red Carpet! Taraji P. Henson, Debra Messing, Lisa Rinna, Britney Spears and Aubrey O'Day have all rocked the same Black Halo dress but in different colors (thankfully all at different times). The original dress retails for $345.00, if you are balling and want the original you can purchase it at


But if you are a fashionista on a budget (like moi), here's an alternative! Check out Alloy's version of the dress for $49.50 -

What do you think???


Now this picture was ALL OVER the internet yesterday, Kanyeeezy and his new Boo Amber Rose shopping in L.A.! People were clamoring to find out how to recreate this exact look, (which is VERY SCARY). So I decided to recreate a more subdued (and grown up) version of Amber Rose's look (lol for those of you who were clamoring *disclaimer I didn't care for the look at all, the cropped top, the elastic waist band shorts nahhh but the shoes were to die for*).

Now the vest and the purse were virtually impossible to find - so I will assume she picked up the vest at a little boutique, or a vintage store, etc. same goes with the purse. Funny the denim shorts were easy (surprised?) and so were the shoes. 

The shorts were Current/Elliot Fontaine Denim Short $164.00 - the shoes oooooh the shoes from Spring/Summer 09 Bottega Venetta Collection $950.00


So this is the Anti-Amber Rose look....

Drapey Vest $42.00, White tank top $6.50, Indigo denim Cycling Short $50.00 –, Tribal Hobo $54.95, Chrissy Leather Cut-out sandal $159.00, and The big splurge are the clear oversized sunglasses by Balenciaga $399.00