Friday, June 26, 2009

We will always REMEMBER YOU.....

The hair, the looks, the fashions, we will never forget you. You inspired fans across the world to emulate your "trendsetting" looks, you have been influential on film, TV, and the runways. It's eerie (yet shows the huge influence you have) that this year alone, your style has been in the forefront of "must have looks", from the Balmain's military inspired jackets, to the infamous romper and jumpsuit that are all the rage. Your contributions to the world of entertainment, and pop culture will never be forgotten. YOU WILL BE MISSED.....

R.I.P. MICHAEL JACKSON (8/29/58 - 6/25/09) AND FARRAH FAWCETT (2/2/47 - 6/25/09)



Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Great Short Debate

The question:

I'm loving this trend of destroyed denim shorts, however I am in my 30's and am wondering am I too old to get away with this look, or is this really a trend I should let pass me by?


The answer:

I say go for it, especially if you have the body for it. However, in your 30's you should strive for somewhat of a sophisticated look with whatever "trend" you are trying to follow. So, maybe in your 20's you could have worn the denim shorts with a cute little tank or halter top and kept it moving. In the 30's not so much, in your 20's you may have been able to get away with a little cheeky action (personally, I dont think anyone should be showing cheeks in public) but DEFINITELY not in your 30's. 

I would suggest you opt for a very pretty and feminine blouse to contrast against the destroyed look of the denim. It brings sophistication, yet a touch of edginess to your look. The accessories I added were small little elegant touches for the looks.


1.   1. Mandala Print Dolman Top $48.00

2.  2. Stitch’s Destructed Denim Shorts  $145.00

3.  3. Juicy Couture ‘Jackie’ Gladiator Sandal $195.00

4.  4. Jeweled Teardrop Pearl Earrings $4.80

     5. Floral Oval Ring $3.80

 5 .6  Fancy Polished Cuff  $4.80



Or if you are a bit on the conservative side, as well as prefer a longer short - here's another option. Of course, we are still keeping with the soft and feminine top (for sophistication), and I added a slight heel because of the longer short.


1. Joe's Jeans Trouser Shorts $145.00

    2. 2. Larenna Sleeveless Open Cardigan $19.80

    3. 3. Slub Ruffle Front Tank $28.00 

    4. 4. Sam Edelman "Sahara" Hurache Wedge $145.00

    5. 5. Beaded Hinge Cuff $28.00

    6. 6. Cara Cara Earrings $38.00




Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Skinny Jeans can hurt you?? (No, Seriously)

What the heck is next?????


Are you willing to give up your pair of skinnies?????

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Swimsuit Challenge

Ok, seriously this was a real challenge. Why? Well because, first I just simply refused to do a blog on any swimsuit, I stepped up the challenge for myself and decided to do one on ONE-PIECE swimsuits. The world is full of cute itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, bikinis. 

HOWEVER, finding a cute and sexy one-piece (besides those damn monokini's, and even I couldn't resist I had to throw a couple in there) is definitely a task, and requires a bit of research. Sooooo I SCOURED the net, from top to bottom - to bring you some of the HOTTEST one-pieces on the planet (well not really, but they are cute)! 

The BLACK one-piece! Think black is boring??? Think again.

1. Black & White by Qiss Qiss $210.00           

2. One Piece Bandeau $140.00           

3. Positif Negatif by Nicole Olivier  $200.00           

4. Mandisa by Aqua di Lara $185.25           

5. Victoria's Secret - Retro bustier one-piece $88.00           

6. Juicy Couture Beach Shirred Bandeau Swimdress $160.00


But if you must have color, here are a few options for you!


1. Gold Digger by b. $116.00

2. Retro Sailor Swimsuit $124.99

3. Rhinestone Monokini $19.99

4. Native Silver by RYGY $74.25

5. Polkadot Swimsuit $48.25

6. Jantzen "Aqua Mum" Strapless Bandeau Swimsuit $150.00


 Personally, I have my eye on the black one-piece bandeau (2.) and the retro sailor suit (its just soo different and unique), but I do need to start hitting the weights and the track again hard, before I even attempt to put a toe in a swimsuit.