Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Swimsuit Challenge

Ok, seriously this was a real challenge. Why? Well because, first I just simply refused to do a blog on any swimsuit, I stepped up the challenge for myself and decided to do one on ONE-PIECE swimsuits. The world is full of cute itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, bikinis. 

HOWEVER, finding a cute and sexy one-piece (besides those damn monokini's, and even I couldn't resist I had to throw a couple in there) is definitely a task, and requires a bit of research. Sooooo I SCOURED the net, from top to bottom - to bring you some of the HOTTEST one-pieces on the planet (well not really, but they are cute)! 

The BLACK one-piece! Think black is boring??? Think again.

1. Black & White by Qiss Qiss $210.00 www.swimwearboutique.com           

2. One Piece Bandeau $140.00 www.swimwearboutique.com           

3. Positif Negatif by Nicole Olivier  $200.00 www.swimwearboutique.com           

4. Mandisa by Aqua di Lara $185.25 www.swimwearboutique.com           

5. Victoria's Secret - Retro bustier one-piece $88.00 www.victoriassecret.com           

6. Juicy Couture Beach Shirred Bandeau Swimdress $160.00 www.nordstrom.com


But if you must have color, here are a few options for you!


1. Gold Digger by b. $116.00 www.swimwearboutique.com

2. Retro Sailor Swimsuit $124.99 www.modcloth.com

3. Rhinestone Monokini $19.99 www.amiclubwear.com

4. Native Silver by RYGY $74.25 www.swimwearboutique.com

5. Polkadot Swimsuit $48.25 www.oli.co.uk

6. Jantzen "Aqua Mum" Strapless Bandeau Swimsuit $150.00 www.dillards.com


 Personally, I have my eye on the black one-piece bandeau (2.) and the retro sailor suit (its just soo different and unique), but I do need to start hitting the weights and the track again hard, before I even attempt to put a toe in a swimsuit.




Sugapie said...

Love the third one on the first row! Hope everything is well with you, miss your posts..

ATLDivaD said...

I'm with you - I love the black one - #3 it is HOT. Now if you can just help me find a swimsuit that helps me hide reminents of carrying 3 children we will be in the MONEY :)

AnnaMudrenko said...

I love the second one in the 1st row...Its unusual and sexy at the same time)))