Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Now I know I may have a people mad at me, but I just have to say this. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, if you are going to wear summer dresses, leggings, or anything that clings. PLEASE wear the correct undergarments underneath. There's nothing CUTE nor SEXY about seeing jiggling booties or material in the slit of behinds.



I know that some of you are like "but what about the horrid VPL?" (that's visible panty line for those of you not in the know) Well I have some options for you!

1. You can never go wrong with SPANX, whether you are a size 0 or size 22, every woman actually needs a pair in their lives. Its smoothes things in place, and makes everything nice and neat, and its invisible underneath clothes. The SPANX Power Panty for $30 @ www.spanx.com

2. Seamless underwear, are another great alternative if you feel a certain way about wearing "reinforcements". You can get a full panty or boy short, (NO THONGS - that's what we are staying away from) - try TC Fine "No Ride No Lines" Wonderful Edge Boy Short on sale @ www.dillards.com for $10.72


I know some of you are culprits out there, and you like for the fellas to see a little jiggle in your wiggle, but ummm no, save that for the bedroom and not the streets. Once again, I repeat it is not CUTE nor SEXY!

So if you happen to put on one of these 

belted tube dress www.ardenb.com $38.00

and u notice a little jiggle, a little dimple action or the outline of your thong (which by the way is another faux pas) then I URGE you to explore those 2 options!


leanoracents87 said...

i do not wanna see ya jello jigglers for you ladies out there please read this