Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Ode' to Carrie!

Fresh from vacation and the countdown begins!!!!! Its really here. Seems like yesterday, my friends and I were all screaming that they were thinking about making a part 2! Well opening weekend is upon us, and I have decided to dedicate this post to one my fashion muse's! Miss Carrie Bradshaw.

In anticipation of the movie, I took a look back at some of my FAVORITE Carrie fashion moments! What are yours???


These two looks here are my ALL-TIME FAVORITE LOOKS!!! Simple, street, and edgy - I love it!

I mean who puts a belt over a bare waist?? Carrie Bradshaw does, and it just works!


The famous flower (remember the one-shoulder dress and gold boots?) and the DIOR bag people were ready to kill for? This is why this one tops my list of faves

She just ABSOLUTELY killed it with the Pink Loubs!!

So Un-Carrie (some would say) but actually its very Carrie and so adorable!

The chick was FIERCE and FaBULOUS in Paris -  I mean really!

In the movie just swagger for DAYS

The pairing of a very light  feminine and frilly dress with chunky and black gladiator sandals was GENIUS to me!


There were soooo many more that I could have chosen, but I would have literally been at the computer all day. KUDOS to Patricia Fields and Rebecca Weinberg (For those who don't know R.W. was also the stylist on set for four seasons), for bringing us fashion lovers looks to really swoon over. I can't wait to see what the Sex And The CIty 2 will bring!!



Friday, May 21, 2010

And yet another year!

Happy Birthday to me!!! Yep I'm one year older! FUN TIMES! Anyway....I'm taking a mini vacation and will holla back at you next week.. in the meantime please stay fashionable!!



Psssssst still hoping someone drops one of these in the mail for me (but its ( 9 am on the day of, so prob not eh? well wishful thinking)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ms. Sofia says....

"I loves Converse, God knows I do. But I'll kill myself dead 'fo I spend two-twenty five on them".

Seriously Converse!!! The thing is I am totally digging them, the price not so much, I mean can they at least be fully studded out??? Can you really charge me $195 (low-top), $225 (hi-top) for half done shoes (yes only one side is studded and its not even half of the shoe)??? Did they not get the memo that we are STILL in a RECESSION?


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Help! I've gained weight!!!

Are you one of the many folks who made big resolutions for New Years, and vowed to get back (or get in shape) lose weight, and eat better?? Yet, the days went by, the parties, the dinner outings, then weeks and months went by. Now its May, you have yet to lose ONE POUND, and now you're panicking! "Uh Oh summer is right around the corner, and I wont look cute in a damn sundress much less a bathing suit, plus I can't fit one ITEM of clothing in the closet"!!!

What to do, what to do???

Unfortunately, I don't have the secret to rapid weight loss, but I can help you feel a bit better, by giving options on outfit ideas. These tips can help those who have gained weight or have actually stuck to their goals and are in the process of losing weight and are transitioning. These are also GREAT options for my Expectant Revolutionaires, who are revolting against the typical maternity wear.

1. Ruffled tank - I mean do you really want to cover up ALL Summer? Ummm No I didn't think so! Try a tiered or ruffled top, good thing about this piece is that it covers the tummy. Great to wear at bbq's, dinners, the bar, anywhere you think the stomach may "rise", you can eat or drink to your hearts content and the stomach will stay hidden, plus its cute!

I've paired it here with denim leggings, platform sandals (for height and slimming effect) and statement jewelry pieces

Printed Chiffon Tiered Cam $39

Val Shoe $199

Aqua Crystal and Teardrop Necklace with Ribbon Tie $35

Bella Donna ring $40

Free People Pull On Super Stretch Jean $68


2. Maxi Dresses - Ok, now this should be in EVERY woman's closet, (and I mean ALL shapes and sizes). They look good on virtually everyone, with the right "body shaper". If you have gained weight or lost, chances are you can still fit that maxi dress you purchased 2 years ago. They key here on this particular style is the empire waist (which hides the tummy) and the loose fit of the skirt. An empire waist is very slimming and complementary, I paired it with a large funky bag and cute accessories to draw attention towards the more important things besides the weight gain (right?).

Ruffle Neck Maxi Dress $69

White House | Black Market - Chunky Chain Necklace $48

Large fabric bag $770

Ava Sandal $180


3. Tunics - I love these, simply because they are loose fitting, fashionable, and can go with anything; jeans, shorts, leggings, skirts, you name it! The other plus is, they hide those unwanted pounds. Here I paired this colorful tunic with a unique pair of cargos, trendy ethnic sandals and gold accessories.

Tunic Breeze Silk by SuperTrash $130

Antik Batik Squaw beaded suede sandals $83

Summer Dido Capri $170

Elie Tahari - Kimberly Clutch $200

Kris Nations Gold Deco Leaf Earrings $60


4. Tiered vests - You see there has been a common theme here? Hide the tummy!! I also believe that all the choices listed will hide other problem areas, but we do know that the stomach is a MAJOR concern. The tiered vests, like the tunic goes with everything and still manages to be fashionable! Take a look here, I paired the tiered vest with a super cute pair of shorts, wedges and once again great accessories.

Mel Waterfall Top by By Malene Birger $185

MEADOWS Shorts mit Aufschlag in Khaki $91

Birkenstock Cork Wedge Sandals $495

Flower necklace $13

Flower enamel bangle pack $18





Hopefully, these ideas will hold you over until you really get serious about getting in that gym and getting healthy (me too)!!!



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We are making a STATEMENT!!!

And you should as well!!!!

With what you ask? With your shoes!!! Even if you are one of the most conservative dressers, and scared to take risk with your fashion choices, taking a walk on the wild side with your footwear, is one of the easiest things to do.

So, Make A Statement!!!

The KING of Stilettos tells you how!! Check out this FAB video of Christian Louboutin, as he gives info on how he designs, what colors to wear, and how many shoes you should have in your closet!! Enjoy!


Yes we are BAAAAACKKK!!! Hope you are digging the new site as much as we are.....Thanks for your patience!