Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leggings....... Oh My, Oh My!

Ok so as we can see, leggings aren't going anywhere, they just aren't, so how about we finally learn how to rock them right!

This is an example of what not to do with leggings - its just not classy, and the butt injections just don't help the cause. I'm just not big on wearing leggings with short shirts, short jackets, etc. If you are, more power to you just not my thing. It's like saying "HEY MY AZZ IS ON DISPLAY" , unless you are advertising for your performance at the strip club, or you are an up and coming female rapper (whose going for a certain IMAGE), or headed to your man's for a late night rendevous, I just don't see this look as really necessary for a night out.

I came up with the three great options!!!

Great for a date night - don't be scared to wear all black (remember is the new thing lol!) add a pop of color with your shoes, and BAM! This look is also great for our more BODACIOUS and BUSTY revolutionaires. Don't be afraid to rock the leggings, just make sure you do them right!


This is a more casual look, but still cute nonetheless, I paired the leggings with over-the knee boots, a cute and colorful (but fall appropriate) cardigan and some nice accessories.


This is my fave look, Im diggin' the sequined leggings, I paired those with a tuxedo style blazer a simple white long tank and some KILLER platforms! Throw in some bright earrings and a unique piece around your kneck and you are done!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Black is the new Black again!

According to all the fashion experts, Black is Back (Personally, I never thought black went out of style!), from the runways to the stores. When I say black, I mean BLACK from your head to your toe!

Even the beauty industry decided to jump on this "trend", Check out the new collection at MAC Cosmetics "Style Black". It features, lipstick, eye crayons, nail polish and lots more.

What do you think of this look??