Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The 2009 Costume Institute Gala salute to Supermodels!

Monday night's event, was hosted by model Kate Moss and and designer Marc Jacobs, and the who's who of fashion, television and music were there to celebrate. Here are a few of the looks from the evening.

Whose your favorite??????

Loved the back of Ciara's dress

Madonna looked RIDICULOUS! Rhi!! WHAT THE H____??? I love her attitude, outfit not so much

Jessica's shoes oooohhhhhh - I don't know what look Justin is going for these days

Hmmmm Ms. Alba, not sure about this one !!! Tyra = WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

She always looks like a fabulous homeless chick Victoria, I'm iffy on this look

Amber & Kanye actually look FABULOUS!! I'm really digging this little quirky look, this chick is rocking here.