Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Great Short Debate

The question:

I'm loving this trend of destroyed denim shorts, however I am in my 30's and am wondering am I too old to get away with this look, or is this really a trend I should let pass me by?


The answer:

I say go for it, especially if you have the body for it. However, in your 30's you should strive for somewhat of a sophisticated look with whatever "trend" you are trying to follow. So, maybe in your 20's you could have worn the denim shorts with a cute little tank or halter top and kept it moving. In the 30's not so much, in your 20's you may have been able to get away with a little cheeky action (personally, I dont think anyone should be showing cheeks in public) but DEFINITELY not in your 30's. 

I would suggest you opt for a very pretty and feminine blouse to contrast against the destroyed look of the denim. It brings sophistication, yet a touch of edginess to your look. The accessories I added were small little elegant touches for the looks.


1.   1. Mandala Print Dolman Top $48.00

2.  2. Stitch’s Destructed Denim Shorts  $145.00

3.  3. Juicy Couture ‘Jackie’ Gladiator Sandal $195.00

4.  4. Jeweled Teardrop Pearl Earrings $4.80

     5. Floral Oval Ring $3.80

 5 .6  Fancy Polished Cuff  $4.80



Or if you are a bit on the conservative side, as well as prefer a longer short - here's another option. Of course, we are still keeping with the soft and feminine top (for sophistication), and I added a slight heel because of the longer short.


1. Joe's Jeans Trouser Shorts $145.00

    2. 2. Larenna Sleeveless Open Cardigan $19.80

    3. 3. Slub Ruffle Front Tank $28.00 

    4. 4. Sam Edelman "Sahara" Hurache Wedge $145.00

    5. 5. Beaded Hinge Cuff $28.00

    6. 6. Cara Cara Earrings $38.00





Sugapie said...

Love both outfits!