Monday, March 9, 2009

Rihanna better come back quick......

because Amber Rose is KILLING the game right now!!!!! See how one can people profit from other's downfalls?? LOL!! So Kanye and his new lady Amber Rose have been spotted in various cities around the world, (this week they are in Paris checking out Fashion Week) and whoever's been styling this chick is definitely making their money. I love that she rocks her look like "WHAT?"


Now granted, the halter top outfit was not "it" but this right here! Is THE BUSINESS!! Check her out..

The Chanel Sunglasses are AWESOME! The coat, FLY.. even her armpiece is looking right (and I rarely think Kanye is doing it) and she's taken over in this pic. I mean really who is the star???

photo courtesy of

I'm digging this whole look right here!

THE SHOES!! Check the footwork!

Kanye has officially made her a star (and THANK GOD he's back to his old look - the shag was a hot mess). I BET cash money, she's going to get some kind of deal out all of this. You heard it hear 1st!

I mean really at this rate, we may be seeing Ms. Rose every week on this blog.


prencesschris said...

yea she is killin it....i loveee her style