Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bleaching is cool!!!

Bleached jeans!! YES! They are the newest (oldest) trend in denim today! What I like about this look, is its so versatile. No really it is. You can take it from day to evening, however I wouldn't recommend wearing it on Casual Day at the office. 

I have posted some of my favorites, from $24.99, all the way up to $265.00 (whatever your fancy)

1st Row

1.     Karen Walker Runway Jean in Indigo $265.00; www.revolveclothing.com

2.     Xhilaration Skinny Joplin Tie Dye $24.99; www.target.com

3.     Chip & Pepper Slider $176.00; www.shopbop.com


2nd Row

4.     Levis 631 Skinny Premium $68.00; www.urbanoutfitters.com

5.     Bleach Dyed Skinny $46.90; www.windsorstore.com

6.     SIWY- Hannah Superstition; $193.00 www.chickdowntown.com


ORRRRRRRRRRR you can try the Recession Proof option! Make your own, its free!!!

*******please note******* I know most will feel the need to use a pair of old jeans, but please don't pull out the outdated joints from back in the 80s

Sooooooooooo not CUTE!!!!! 

Here’s step by step instructions on how

1. a) You will need a pair of jeans (dark blue or black)

    b) household bleach (chlorine),

    c) spray bottle and rubber gloves.

    d) plastic bags/carboard (something to put jeans on)

2. Pour bleach into spray bottle (for a lighter effect, mix with water)

3. Dampen jeans with water and place jeans on plastic bags (or whatever you are using) on floor

4. Spray bleach on the desired spots.

5. Wash jeans and dry

6. For a distressed look use rough sandpaper and rub the areas where you  want the distressing


If you dare to try this look, please send pictures, or if you just want to know how to "hook-up" your bleached dyed jeans holla at me @ fashionrevolutionaires@gmail.com




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