Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 and she's BAAAAAACK!

Oh Em Gee! It has been an entire year since I have been on this blog! Have you missed me? Has your wardrobe been lacking?? I started feeling the bug, just a bit and decided HEY lets try this again! This year, I'll try and stay consistent, I'll have guest bloggers, i'll have contests - I'll try to be better. It's all I can do! Instead of a LONG DRAWN out reason for my return, or why I was gone, I'll just get to the fashion!

It's 2012! A new year, new fashion... winter 2012

It's a cold front pretty much everywhere in the country, so I'm pretty sure wherever you are, it's COLD, Winter has OFFICIALLY entered the building.

I scoured the net, the malls, read up on things and found some hot trends for winter. It's not too late, there are many sales, and deals - and well unfortunately, it's going to be cold in most places for at least the next 3 months.

So here's what I found!

Chunky knitwear, the possibilities are really endless, and the price point ranges, I've seen really nice chunky knitwear from TJ Maxx and Marshalls, to Neiman Marcus and Saks. Chunky sweaters can be bulky looking and may give the apperance of adding extra weight, the goal with this look was to have a streamlined look in order to not add extra bulk. The sweater was paired with slim fitting jeans, a stretch tank, sky high statement boots and a cross-body bag to complete the look. I definitely wanted to play up to the colors in the sweater, to allow them to stand out against the grey. Don't be afraid to play and experiment with different colors, imagine had I went with grey boots and a grey bag. Boring right?

Check out the Louboutins, they are the absolute BUSINESS! I can't afford them, but a girl can dream!

Now I know if you have been in the malls anytime recently you have definitely seen the COLOR splash on the racks. Everyone and their mom and pop have a pair of colorful skinny jeans in their stores, so the question is.. how do I wear them? So here's an idea, I would definitely stray away from looking like a crayola box or a flashback from the 80's and keep it pretty simple. The colors alone are so bold, you only need to add a touch here and a touch there. I always like to be a tad bit different which is where the yellow bag comes in, but you can definitely still rock this look with a black bag.

Women do it better! Of course we do, you know we are bad when we can make "menswear" look good! Definitely one of the hot trends for the winter, and I'm digging it. I actually love this look so much, that I think I will duplicate this one. It's fly, it's smooth, it's hip, masculine, yet so very feminine. The blouse, the tapered jacket, the high-waisted trousers all just come together so nicely, add the leopard print hat (as your statement piece) and the oxfords, and your turning heads!

Opulence, classy, sophisticated, yeah it's cold but you still have places to go at night and people to see - what better way than to dress up 40's style is in Fur! Sorry PETA it's back, plus side is that there are many faux options. A fur jacket/coat/stole whatever you have is such a class act by itself, you really don't have to go over the top with it. The 40's were definitely all about ELEGANCE and style, and for the Winter of 2012 we are reaching back and picking up a few pointers. This look here has two trends going on, FUR is back and 40's Elegance, mix and match or wear separate, just make it look good!

WIde-legged cropped pants? Can you believe that is a hot trend this winter? Well believe it, I know some people shy away, because it just doesnt look good on everyone. Remember everything isn't for everybody! However, I think the way I created this outfit, most could definitely get away with it. It's about tailoring, and choosing the right pieces to complement the pants. It's called 2 for one, because although winter, sheer (see blouse below) is on the trend list as well.

Sidenote: I sooo love the pearl clutch!


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Until next time my friends (trust me it won't be long)!


Lolitat said...

GUUURLLL! Where you been???? LOL! Nah, it's good to see you back. Blogging is hard work. I tried my hand at it for awhile and just said..ehhh, forget it. I've been getting the itch to but I just don't know....You can check out my now defunct blog, loveyourfabulousself. Happy New Year!

Globetrotter22 said...

OMG! I was starting to wonder what was going on. Happy New Year! Glad that you're back.

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