Monday, January 23, 2012

One, and two, now point your toes

Point your toes? Is this a new fad exercise I am talking about? Hmmm not really. I know as you have been perusing through the shoe stores and shoe racks of your favorite stores, you may have thought that your eyes had been deceiving you. No they didn't, it's true, POINTY TOES are back! After many seasons of killer platforms and chunky heels, the pointy toe stiletto has made it's way back into our lives. Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this - I absolutely LOVE platform shoes. I don't want them to go and right now, and I refuse to part with them. Well hopefully you didn't do a major overhaul of your closet and say "they don't seem to be in style anymore, I should just give them away" (begrudgingly I kept mine) If you weren't one of those "un" lucky ladies,  pull them back out, rock them with a nice pencil skirt, slim jeans, or even bell bottoms. If you did throw them, check below I have found a few to add back to your closet.

I lied about not being excercise, get those calves ready (we all know how those pointy toe stilettos feel) <insert sad face>.


From Left to Right (1st row)
1.Guess Pointed toe pumps
$99 -
2.KG Kurt Geiger Pointed toe booties
$102 -
3.Kate Spade "Licorice Too" shoe
$350 -
(2nd row)
1.Nine West Pointed toe platform wedge
$79 -
2.BeBe Stiletto pump
$100 -
3.Nine West Rocha pum
$79 -