Friday, January 6, 2012

The hands say it all

Easily one of the most slept on fashion accessories out there. What you say that is?? NAIL LACQUER! Many of my friends know that I'm kind of obsessed about nail polish. You can never have enough colors, and it definitely makes a fashion statement and its INEXEPNSIVE. I'm really surprised that I never did a blog on it. Well there is definitely a first time for everything and it definitely wont be the last time I blog on this.

Ok so let me put you all up on some GAME! Nail polish trends for this season.. Sparkle and Glitter, Green, Chocolate Brown, Classic Red, Almost Black (lol I know, I guess we can call it off black like pantyhose or 2B in the hair world) Cobalt Blue and Metallics, are the MUST HAVES on your nails this winter!.

Also in the world of nail lacquer, hittting the shelves this month is Nicki Minaj's collaboration with O.P.I. I absolutely detested Nicki when she 1st hit the scene, but she has slowly grown on me and although it has nothing to do with music I am absolutley loving this collection. She's actually just in time for the winter with her colors! I'm really interested in the Shattered color called "Super Bass".

Happy Friday Revolutionaires!