Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's take a moment to revisit some things!

Typically at the beginning of the year, people want to start anew and fresh with goals, and resolutions. I'm pretty sure the majority of the population are not adding clothes into that equation. I think you should! It's a perfect time to start building on your wardrobe, checking for what you have and what you don't have, and what you need. So I decided to revisit a post that I think its relevant every year and gives great information.

I wrote this particular post 2 years ago, and titled it Thirty items for your Thirties. However, as I stated in the post during that time, I definitely feel like the majority of the list can be acquired and worn by women of all ages. At the time I wrote the post I felt that these items should be accumulated over the years, I disagree with that now. Honestly, these items should be in your closet now. You will ALWAYS have something to wear, for any occassion!


Thirty for the thirties…

Happy New Year!! It's 2010 2012- wow where did the years go?? It's finally time to start really building your wardrobe, especially during these dark economic times. So, with this blog, I decided to veer off a little and focus on basic key pieces.

I know you have come across many list of must haves, then ten items that every woman must own, the items you have to have obtain before you die (this is a joke), and the list goes on and on! In my opinion there are actually thirty key pieces that every woman must acquire during her 30’s. I chose the 30's because simply Im in my 30's, but I feel the majority of the list can be acquired and worn by women of all ages. Now please don’t run out and buy everything at once, these are items that should be accumulated over the years. I am all about trends, however, classic key pieces has and will always be the BASIS of fashion. –So with that said here are my must have thirty items for your thirties.


  • 1. Dark-Colored Fitted Blazer
  • 2. White Fitted Shirt - long, short, v-neck or scoop neck
  • 3. Pencil Skirt - Flattering on most figures, if not A-line works
  • 4. Oxford Shirt - this can be dressed up or down
  • 5. Little Black Dress - It's just a must
  • 6. Dark Denim Trousers - very slimming and classic
  • 7. A WOW Top - statement piece, something that POPS
  • 8. Cardigan - great transitional piece, and great for layering
  • 9. Skinny or Slim Jean


So here is your basic blueprint, I chose to go with very basic colors just to show the versatility of the clothing. Of course I encourage you to play with colors, and fabrics, but this clean slate here can help ANYONE (even the fashionably challenged) build up their wardrobe.


I think this is an area that is largely missed by a great deal of people. Great outerwear is a must for your 30s. Trust me you are being JUDGED!

  • 10. Trench Coat
  • 11. Pea Coat
  • 12. Cape
No comments needed on any of these, they are self explanatory


Purses and handbags

  • 13. Animal Print - it's really a classic piece that manages to make a debut almost every season
  • 14. Bright Colored Purse or Clutch - great way to add flair to an outfit
  • 15. Black Leather Bag - for everyday, this is a no-brainer no picture needed

Shoes, boots and other footwear

  • 16. Patent Leather - always in style
  • 17. Stylish Sport Shoe - my go to, are Chuck Taylors, cute, stylish and come in a variety of colors
  • 18. Gym/Running shoes - being healthy never goes out of style, physical fitness is a must
  • 19. Basic Black Pump - again a no-brainer
  • 20. The WOW Shoe - rhinestones, multi-colored, etc.
  • 21. Knee Boots - flat or heeled


  • 22. Colorful or Patterned Scarf
  • 23. Brooch - sounds old school, but it isn't and you can get very creative and add flair to an outfit
  • 24. Diamond Earrings - a real pair would be ideal, and let's be conscious and choose conflict free diamonds
  • 25. Tortoise-shelled Frame Sunglasses - this print goes with everything, it will be more versatile than a basic black frame
  • 26. Large Wide Belt- slimming and it can add an extra zaa zaa zoom to an otherwise boring outfit
  • 27. Fedora Hat - you will like stylish and put together even on a bad hair day
  • 28. Pearls - long, short, multi-strand or single, classic, and screams you are a Lady




Bonus Items: - Like the Pointer Sisters said "She works hard for the money", so why not treat yourself for once (or twice)

  • 29. Insanely Expensive Purse
  • 30. Insanely Expensive Pair of Shoes



Honorable Mention - an accessory that goes underneath it all

*****Shapewear - Spanx, Body Magic, choose your posion but you definitely need one (or many)*******


Nothing to wear you say?? Look at the 30 items above - u can EASILY create 10 outfits and MORE – lets take a look. Here are TEN combinations - YOU just can't beat that














As you can see, the combinations are unlimited! These basic items can carry easily into the next decade - the key is to build on your basic wardrobe and add trendy pieces as needed.

Now tell me what do you think are the MUST HAVE ITEMS for every woman.


Until next time....




Sugapie said...

Good to have you back! Love your choices!

Anonymous said...

Loving the cute cape.

Globetrotter22 said...

I looked in my closet, and realized that I have most of these items. Finally my wardrobe feels relevant! Loving this!

Alex Gordon said...

I just love a pencil skirt. No matter the occasion, wearer or wonder ---- it's a fail safe choice!

One should be worn, all day. Every day.

Lovely Brown Girl said...

OMG, thank you girl!!! I've never considered myself to be a fashionista, and yet I have most of the staples you mention here (I'm proud of myself!). My issue is just that I never know how to put them together. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the visual aids and guidance. I'm gonna look HAUTE! :)