Saturday, January 3, 2009

So I was browsing the internet the other day, and found a website with a ton of  AMAZING "problem solvers", and I mean AMAZING!

The website is Good To Be You 

So here are a couple of my favorites off of the website.

Ever since low-riders became popular, so did its friend the "muffin top", and although Low-riders have slowly fallen from the scene, for some reason the muffin top has not.  Now there is a solution!! The company JAKS has created the "Tee Enhancers" which promises to cover muffin tops AND the oh so sexy butt-crack!

Have you ever had a fabulous event to attend, and had the perfect shoes and the perfect sexy black dress to go along with it??? So you slip soon on the dress ever so gently and 

BAM!! That damn deodorant ring is across the entire dress! So now your rubbing it with a wet towel, only to look like you either had a dirty dress on and decided to forgo the dry-cleaning and use your own method, or you have a serious sweating condition. YES we have all been there..  but now there is "Gal Pal Deodorant Remover Pads"

Finally one of my favorites... because this is for sure one of my pet peeves. I hate, hate, hate when my bra continously slips off of my shoulder - now true this may be a sign that 1) I may need a new bra  or 2) I need to tighten my straps - however, even if thats the case this product right here can be my simple solution,  "Embrace Bra Strap Solution"it simply clips the straps together in the middle of your back. It also lifts and seperates the girls!!!

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