Friday, January 23, 2009

Kanye unveils new sneaker for LV

Kanye West unveiled his new sneaker at the Louis Vuitton Fashion show during Paris Fashion Week Menswear Autumn/Winter 2009, which was held yesterday (1/22). 
Hmmmm looks like a slim version of the classic Air Force One's -  I would need to see it in person to give my final opinion. Check out Marc!! Sorry Marc but you look a damn fool with those "Sprouse" tights - but I'm loving his new look (face and body wise) he doesn't look like the nerdy, grungy little boy anymore.

What do you all think about the shoes?? Do you think Kanye is that much of a trendsetter to get to design his own line for such a timeless brand?????

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Anonymous said...

Although I try my best to hate on Kanye, the only thing I succeed at is actually hating on the person he is..his music is killer and as much as I hate to admit it...He is a trend-setter. I am not sure if he is on the level of Marc and LV but I ain't your thing Kanye...maybe one day he will find someone to design him a little "humbleness" then I could like the man that goes along with the music and the fashion...