Monday, January 5, 2009

Try Again!!

I guess Meagan Good was channeling her inner "Sandy" (Grease).. at a NYE party that Vibe Magazine hosted in Miami, but ummmmmm no. Meagan try again!!!  The sandals are nice, but not right for the outfit - the top not so bad by itself - the pants (hmm I'm a little iffy on the pants - however Rihanna would have ROCKED them).  And what's up with the poses?? Im just completely confused on everything going on in this picture.

I think her choice in dress (slutty, tacky, stripperish - we can go on and on), is one of the reasons, she can't land "serious" roles.  Just because you look good (physically) in something, does not always mean you should wear it. 


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ok I had to come back - after I did some further digging ( I knew I saw those pants before) so the story gets even worse - minus the shirts her New Years Eve outfit was a total of $116 - I guess the recession is hitting everyone HARD! damn

Tank Top - $26

Shiny Spandex Pants - $90

American Apparel

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