Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Fashion Revolutionaire and the Recession

In the last quarter of 2008, leading economist finally admitted, that we were officially in a recession and chances are it wont get any better until late 2009 early 2010. But where does that lead the "self-proclaimed" fashionistas, who should be budgeting instead of spending??? I'll tell you! Here are a couple of tips to update and improve your wardrobe despite the economic woes.

1. EBAY, EBAY, EBAY!!! I live by it.. all those items you don't wear, that are obviously worn and old -  trust me there is someone out there in the world who will buy it. I sold a dusty pair of used (very used at that) Uggs for $60!  - replace one item - buy an item! (Simple concept right?)

2. Have a closet party with your girlfriends!! Make a night of it, martinis, music and fun. Each person bring items from their closets that they no longer wear (or were planning to donate). I guarantee you, at least one of your friends has something that you would like to have, and vice versa.

3. Thrift shops/Vintage shops and Consignment stores (you can also consign your own clothing). Your best bet, is to visit the ones that are in more "affluent" areas of town. Trust me, you will be surprised! I have found brand new items, and some really great pieces. (However I draw the line at used underwear! You may as well sit your behind on every public toilet you visit. YUCK! Sorry I have no disclaimer for those who are perpetrators. You can find 99 cent brand new panties at TJ Maxx, there is just no reason to wear someone else's underwear. If you have to wash the same pair out everyday, then commence to washing! Ok enough about that, I can go on and on.)

and finally

4. If you just can't resist and have to spend.. DO NOT BUY AT REGULAR RETAIL PRICES!!! There are way too many sales, discounts, specials, etc. for anyone to have to buy retail right now. Those extra hot boots that they just put on the shelf at your favorite store, trust me if you can hold out a couple of weeks, or even months it will go on sale...

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Lovely Brown Girl said...

I absolutely ADORE the idea of the "closet party"!! I'm planning one for later this month!