Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The First Lady's Fashions

ummmmm NOT!!!

Sooo every fashion blog, fashion website, news channel, news broadcast has covered, dissected, and critiqued our First Lady's choice of fashion for the inaugural activities. So guess what??? Fashion Revolutionaires is not going to do that! We are not following the norm...  You ask why? I mean come on, at this point if you haven't been living in a cave for the last 48-72 hours, you know Mrs. Obama wore J. Crew, Narcissco Rodriguez and chose fairly unknown designers Isabel Tuledo and Jason Wu as her choices for the historic day.

No.  There was something else that stole the show, during the entire weekend. I'm talking everyone from politicians, newscasters and celebrities! The BURBERRY Scarf absolutely stole the show!!! It was EVERYWHERE - we probably saw enough of those scarves to last us for a lifetime. It makes me wonder, how the Burberry company will profit from this. I'm sure sales the next couple of weeks will be substantial!! (Hmmm I might just buy one myself...)

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