Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A week in fashion (3/20-3/27)

I do this on a rare occasion, but I'm thinking maybe I should do it more often - last week celebrities were out attending various events and some really "showed out" as far as Fashion is concerned. Good and Bad! Who missed the mark? Who owned their look? I'll give you my opinions - you give me yours!

Kelis looked ABSOLUTELY gorgeous in her DVF wrap dress at the W Hotel in South Beach Miami Beach Florida on March 25, 2010.(sorry to disapoint, I already researched heavily, this dress is from the Holiday 08/09 Wonder Woman Collection, so if you are in search, your best bet is Ebay). 

Serena kicking it in Miami.

Lala Vazques, Kelly Rowland and Serena Williams at Kelly’s first non-profit charity, ‘I Heart My Girlfriends’ in Miami, Florida on March 28. By the way, KUDOS to Serena's new stylist (whomever that may be) this has really been a transformation.


Mary J. Blige at Tom Joyner’s Jazz In The Gardens 2010 on March 20, 2010 in Miami Gardens, Florida. MARY IS KNOCKING THESE YOUNG GIRLS OUT THE BOX!!!! GO MJB! GO MJB!!

First Lady Michelle Obama seen leaving “Memphis” the musical on Broadway in New York City. I love how she throws things "off" with her color choice in shoes, loving the bangles. GO 1st Lady!!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy! (I just really like this picture)



Now on to the Fashion Roadkill!

Serioulsy Jessica White - so she decided to wear lingerie to the premier of "Why did I get married 2". How is this cute in any way??

Leona Lewis at Perez Hilton’s ‘Carn-Evil’ Theatrical Freak in LA on March 27. Sorry you are not Lady GaGa and this DOES NOT work for you!

Eve doesnt look bad, but those tattoos WEAR ME OUT! Enough is really enough!

Randy Jackson and Kimberly Locke at the Winter Music Conference at W South Beach on March 27. They both just look really ridiculous here, and I'm trying to figure out how she went from this ^ to..... -

Clearly she had help here.


images courtesy of GettyImages.com


Anonymous said...

k. ;] kelis is on my bad list no comment.
serena looks good, mary j coulda did better, that model i dont know what the hell she had on. dude from american idolboringgggggggggggg...

Globetrotter22 said...

i love Kelis, she's always been different so I've come to expect it. Serena looks good but she coulda did something better with that hair in pic 2 of her. Mary looks good. Mrs.Obama always looks nice and preppy it works for her. Mmm heyyy Idrissssss. To the rest...NO! Kim looks good in the last pic.