Thursday, March 25, 2010

"It's the shoes, (the shoes?) , it's gotta be the shoes"

I discovered this shoe company about a year and a half ago ( I wasn't too late, they launched in 2007), and have been hooked ever since - Pour La Victoire The shoes are impeccably made and the designs are clean and sharp. I did a blog last year around this time on this very same shoe company. Well, THEY'RE BACK!!! The Spring 2010 collection has hit the stores and the internet, and they have yet to disappoint. This month they have also installed a bridal line, which by the way is BEAUTIFUL. I mean wear these to a wedding? You have to be kidding me, you can wear these bad boys anytime.

Enough with all the talk already, let me show you what I mean....


Spring 2010 Collection (I have chosen some of my favorites, but check out the website for the full collections)



"Here comes the Bride".. definitely not all dressed in white! I absolutely adore this Bridal collection and I'm sure many brides-to be will be clamoring for a pair.

2010 Bridal Collection


Aren't they divine????? Yes. I know - word on the street is they are releasing a handbag collection for Fall 2010. I will keep you updated, I'm sure it will be nothing but HOTNESS!!!




SonyK said...

Okay...the shoe named after me....LOL...too cute...but I just adore the Divia!!

ToneshaK said...

LOVE this collection!! :)

Shelley N said...

Great article F.R.! Yummy collection, both spring and bridal! Shoes SHOULD be fun.
I not too long ago bought my first pair and they truly are awesome shoes... :-)