Friday, March 26, 2010

"Out here in these streets"

So I was thinking last night on what I should blog about today (because let me tell you, sometimes it does get hard) and I realized that the  majority of my blogs are dedicated to supporting people, designers, products, and companies of people who I don't know. While cruising Facebook, I noticed that ALOT of people that I know are becoming budding entrepreneurs right on Facebook - and it hit me! Why not support the people I know, know of, or by association?? Unfortunately we are still in a recession, and AND everyone is trying to make it "out here in these streets" (shout-out! she know's who she is), which will also be the title of this weekly feature. Why not help each other? Yeah why not? Well I decided to do just that! Each week I will feature a FB friend (fashion and beauty related) and their business. I am also calling out for your help, if you know anyone who would like to be featured hit me up on Facebook or shoot me an email With that said, Let's get it!!

Have you been on the hunt for unique and bold accessories to add to your collection? Look no further - Another Princess Designs, she offers a range of statement pieces from rings, to bold bangles and funky necklaces. Check her out on FB where you can browse at pics and place orders. ( I know I hate the long links, but unfortunately - Onsugar hasnt added hyperlinks yet, or I just jsut dont know how to find it)!/pages/Atlanta-GA/Another-Princess-Design/338500063630?ref=ts

Here are a few of my faves...




Marisa Mc said...

This is a great idea! Why not utilize the people around you? It is rough out here in these streets yo ;) and supporting each other is a great way for everyone to win all around :)