Monday, June 21, 2010

Spanx: The Official Sponsor of Summer!

It's officially Summer!! Yaaaayy! Let the BBQ's, vacations, pool parties and patio relaxation begin. However, please don't get caught out there as a fashion catastrophe!

SPANX is the answer!

Test: try on a cotton Maxi dress with your normal undergarments (bra, thong panties of course to avoid VSP), stand in front of a mirror - now walk towards the mirror, now turn around and watch yourself walk away from the mirror. NOW if at any point you saw, jiggling, wiggling, lumps or bumps from the front to the back during this test, Spanx should be your friend.

Spanx, comes in many different styles, you can go with the full power panty or the high waist panty, the are many choices, just make sure you choose!

Besides it is the OFFICAL Sponsor for Summer!



valeriekw said...

omg i love spanx! i wear them all the time!