Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I stay FLY (even while sweating)

I'm going back in the gym, so I needed to be inspired - Are you one of those women whose gym attire includes a ratty scarf, oversized and out of shape t-shirt, and faded leggings/sweatpants??? Well do I have treat for you, this blog is ESPECIALLY for you. I can show you how you can look "fly" while sweating. No I don't mean, full runway make-up, earrings and hair so whipped it looks straight out of the salon (by the way, if you are one of those women, you really grind my gears! LOL! I mean really WTH and why?). What I mean is cute and presentable, yet comfortable for the gym. You ask why? Well I have a couple of reasons

1. "Always dress like you might run into your worst enemy" - which is one of Kimora Lee Simmons personal "rules of fabulosity". I would have to agree, unless you work out in your home, you are bound to see someone - so why not be at least presentable? (plus single ladies, MEN are deep in the gym)

2. It will motivate you to workout - If you have cute fits, you're going to want to wear them (and hopefully not just around the house) because its a recession (yes, I keep reminding you) and if you buy it, you will feel guilty if it just sits in your closet.

Nike has released the cutest apparel for looking Fly while Sweating-- check it out (most items you can find on Nike.com)


Cute look for the local gym ( not too much, but just enough in case you run into that Handsome single guy)

Running outdoors?? This look is perfect, once again not doing too much but definitely says "I'm serious about this thing"

Yoga anyone????



Lovely Brown Girl said...

You read my mind! I'm working out today in a ratty wife beater, leggings, and old sneakers. I need to rejuvenate my workout wardrobe and you just inspired me to do that! You're always on time. Thanks for sharing!! :)

Globetrotter22 said...

Pink tee shirt, gray yoga pants, gray and pink Reeboks today, and that was before I read the blog! YAYYY!! I feel so chic.

girls clothing said...

recently I brought an open gym sweat pant from http://www.sophiasstyle.com store.. may be the comfort motivates me to work out for double the time I used to earlier.