Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Little Bra that could!


So while cruising the internet, I came across the site, its a little bra company that promises to deliver BIG Results. Do you wear and A or B cup and are tired of trying to find the perfect bra, that gives natural cleavage?? Look no further - The Little Bra Company where the motto is "good things do come in small packages". They offer sizes from 28 to 36 A and B cups. The company's bestselling bra, the Lucia a deep V plunge, contour lacy bra, offers to give the very natural effect of cleavage..

I know some of my more bustier Revolutionaires are thinking "what about us? they always get the pretty, dainty bras". Why yes they do! But CLEAVAGE is what they lack lol (sorry ladies but it is), while you all have that covered!  Cut me slack!

check them out here


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