Friday, August 15, 2008

Nobody's Doing That!

The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the author. The contents of this page have not been reviewed or approved by Fashion Revolutionaire!

This one may hit close to home for some....hence the disclaimer at the top of the page. These are only my opinions and what I claim to be Fashion Faux Paus. If you look in the mirror and see any of the citations I list below..then in the words of Jerry Maguire..."help me help you!" we go....

The worst of the worst...."Muffin-top"!!! Muffin-top is a generally pejorative slang term used to describe the phenomenon of overhanging flesh when it spills over the waistline of trousers or skirt in a manner that resembles the top of a muffin spilling over its paper casing. This generally occurs when an individual wears low-rise, hip-hugger pants, or midriff-baring tops that are too small.

In case that doesn't define it for is a pic. I love this picture because this is NOT a big girl. This means that the muffin top epidemic can strike anyone of any size. It does not discriminate!

So let's strike back Ladies and Gentleman! Loosen up those pants, lose that belt and rid yourself of the plague known as muffin-top!!

#2. There are so many things that can go wrong when you decide to wear a pair of jeans. It hurts my heart to see good jeans gone bad so please read my tips below and know that I am only trying to make the world a prettier place....cause there is almost nothing prettier than rockin a fabulous pair of jeans....

* Creases in jeans...two words: Hellz No!

There is no need to write a lot about is just not cute. Less is more and this looks like you are trying waaaaayyy to hard.

I saw this one the other day and I could NOT beleive it! I had no idea this was still going on and I am sure all my fashionistas are not performing this crude act, but IF you are, STOP right now!!!

Cropped jeans with boots! UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH....the worst. Just disgraceful.


Enough said.

Last but never ever least are a few misc. tips for you.

If you are blessed in the gluteus maximus area ( big booty girls) Puleez do not bedazzle your pockets. Sorry girls, but bling on the butt is not for you. No pockets that flap over, no jewels , and no embelishments. Just keep it simple, you are accessorized enough..if you know what I mean (wink wink).

And my personal worst jean pet peeve ever!! Make sure your jeans are the correct length. If you are wearing your True Religions with flats, then you absolutely should not be wearing them with your stilettos...they cannot be the right length for BOTH. The hem of your jeans should just touch the floor in whichever shoes to choose to wear.

That's it for today Fashionistas. Enjoy your weekend and remember, you don't have to look through Coco Chanel's aviators to see "NOBODY IS DOING THAT!"

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Fashion Revolutionaires said...

I gotta agree NOBODY IS DOING THAT!!

Part 2 will be a beast!!