Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Its the 80's BABY!!!

That's right the 80's are back!! But do they ever really go anywhere - it seems like every single season, some aspect of the 80's (fashion wise) always makes an appearance.

Now my sense of style to some could be called WACKY and not as refined (as A-Lo), but I like to be different so this TREND I am sooo feeling.

Dig deep in that closet, dust off those cobwebs and Get your Michael Jackson gloves out!!! SEQUINS IS IN THE BUILDING!!!!!!

That's right, sequins is making a comeback - AND in a MAJOR WAY! Check out a few of the items available this fall.

These lovely wedge silver sequin platforms, Report Signature $199 -

HOT, HOT, HOT!! The sequined bangles - (for those who know me, know that I very rarely leave home without my bangles) these are a MUST

A.V Max, $48 each

I mean honestly..who can actually pull this off?? Probably not even 95% of us could (because you would have to be a freaking size 0 in order for it not to look like a garbage bag) but if you are apart of the 5% who can.. check this little number out! Its the cutest little thing in the world to me!

Joe Blake Sequined Dungaree Skirt, $76.00 http://www.asos.com/

Who says guys are no good???? Not I, Chuck can never do us wrong!

Converse Chuck Taylor, $81.95

Now this is MJ all the way!!! But I absolutely adore it

So there you have it... a couple of "must have items" if you are feeling this trend. If you are afraid.. awwww dont be, its simple, everything shown can be paired with items that are already in your closet, dark denim jeans, black pencil skirt, white button down blouse, a little black dress,(you know those items that every fashionista says you should have).
However, if you have the urge or need to wear sequins from head to toe - I beg of you, to slowly back away from the computer, and rethink this whole thing. REMEMBER less is more.
Until next time Revolutionaires.........


A-Lo said...

Love it J~Boogie! I am all over the chucks!!!!!

Skinny Chicks said...

The Chucks are HOT!

ms.purifoy said...

Yes, the Chucks are a must in black. Thanks.