Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun Fashion for Kids

This blog is dedicated to all the moms out there who have little fashionistas in the making. If you love fashion, then it is inevitable you may consciously or unconsciously influence any little people in your lives. Here are some things that I love and would like to share with you!

Gwen Stefani is one of my favorite designers and when I see Kingston's style, one word comes to mind...ADORABLE! In case you have not seen Gweny's line of kids shoes, you are missing out on some super cute stuff. Here are a pair of my favorites.

L.A.M.B Katella $69

These are so trendy and can be thrown on with anything from skirts to jeans. L.A.M.B for kids can be found at, or Saks

It is definitely the year to get political and what better way to get attention for your favorite candidate by putting a cute Tee on your kid? Cafe Press has a ton of choices. I prefer to make a statement but keep it simple.


I love Uggs and I especially love Uggs for kids. Not only are they cute, but you can throw them on with anything. You can slip them on over tights or no socks are necessary. I know all my moms out there can appreciate the simplicity of that!! And they come is so many cool prints and colors. As J~Boogie pointed out in an earlier blog, camo is all the rage this season so to keep with the fall fashion, I have selected these Uggs as my choice for little people! What little fashionista wouldn't look killer in these???


Now, not only are sunglasses one of my favorite accessories for kids, but they are important for the protection of their eyes. Ray Ban is my go to guy for some adorable kiddie glasses. Check out these metallic pink shades.


** I love Zappos BTW, in case you haven't noticed and...did I mention, they ship super fast and the shipping is always FREE?!

Paul Frank is sooooooooooooo cute for kids. The style is so childlike, yet very trendy. Hoodies are another go to item I think all kids should have in their closet. These unisex Paul Frank hoodies are another fav of mine.


Vintage Tees are just COOL. (period) They are simple yet make a statement. Not only do I love them on men and women but kids that wear them look adorable too. There are so many choices here but a great throw back represents something great from the past. What is greater than the Beetles?

John Lennon vintage T-shirt


I could write books about fashion for kids! I love dressing my little person and I hope you found some fun inspiration from some of the things I love!

"I don't do Fashion, I am Fashion" ~Coco Chanel

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