Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stop the presses!

We interrupt the regularly scheduled program of the Fall Shoping Guide, to show the latest tom foolery, as well highlights in celebrity style this week!

Tyra!! This is NO, NO and NO... is she kidding me? What is this?

So much going on here with this outfit, I see she was trying to be different, I mean she tried I guess.. (however she looks GREAT)

Niecy sorry boo.. no can do, something is just off - and the shoes don't help either!

Awwww Mariah.. she looks like a pink pinada - I know you are trying to hide something.. but hmmmm

I really just want to style Janet too.. she needs to switch it up after ALL these years

I know some people LOVE him.. love him and they make him exempt from things. NO LENNY you are not Exempt!! I just think this is unnaceptable..(You are not Prince)

Dawn.. this is a CATASTROPHE... she's a train wreck

Now on to the HIGHLIGHTS from this past week! (not many I know)

Fierce is the only word describes her (on a set for an upcoming video)

Love his style.. love it!


Uh Oh!! Lookey here! Well Go ahead with your bad self!


Globetrotter22 said...

...ehhh don't like Rihanna..at all. She looks a retarted hot ass mess w? that Bozo the Clown hair.