Friday, August 27, 2010

'Have your people, call my people"

This chick here made me come out of hiding!! Now seriously, this is one person I would just love to get ahold of.. her style is HORRENDOUS!! Such a cute girl, great shape, star exposure, and she dresses like she shops at 5-7-9 (is that store still open?).  No disrespect to 5-7-9, but she's an actress for goodness sakes, she has access to so much more, she's been on major films, why is she such a mess??????? Her style is cheap looking, tacky and slutty, is this why you can't good roles??

This was her this past weekend...  on her way inside a CLUB, she looks like she's going to wash cars at a truck stop!

Are you kidding me??


and this is not even the half...... take a look at this FOOLISHNESS

Flash from the past?? Nope this was this summer.. So the Leather jacket was her "KEY" piece......

Last year she wore these American Apparel spandex pants literally to DEATH!! ( OH NO!! Is that the same damn leather jacket????)

Now I KNOW you knew this tee was sheer when you left the house

There goes those damn pants again! (ok so this was last year right.... so her homegirl thought we wouldnt notice that she pulled out the shirt again this year, NOPE we noticed)



Please have your people, call my people! I can hook you up - PRO-BONO!!!

What Celebrity would you like to style or tell them to fire their stylist?? (I mean clearly M.G. doesnt have one)




Tonesha said...

Welcome back Kotter!!! LOL!

Globetrotter22 said...

Welcome Back! I've been missing my dosage of fashion!! Megan Good always looks like she just goes into her closet and pulls out whatever. Maybe art is a reflection of life, since she tends to be dressed slutty in the movies she does. All I can say is get that girl a stylist quick! Pretty girl, but dumb as a rock, and needs to get some fashion help.

KeyTX said...

LOL @ Globetrotter "pretty girl but dumb as a rock!" Awww Meggy...she on repeat...
Welcome back FASHION REVO!!!

chan rock said...

yeah she has noooooooooooo style she just duplicates and makes sure its skin tight. and keeps a good weave lolllllll