Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Your Curve ID - Levi's new denim line

I found out recently that Levi's had a new line of denim for women, called Levi's Curve ID. The denim line uses a custom fit based system that caters to each individual shape. Levi’s states it made use of a revolutionary approach that compliments one curves identifying three distinct body types that account for a women’s shape. There are three ways to to choose a perfect fit, take an online questionnaire, or measure yourself at home and take those measurements to the store, and finally you can get custom fitted at an actual Levi Store (I chose the online quiz). The online quiz, will show 3 models with different body types and you pick the one based on your own body type (not one of those girls body types did I identify with, however the DESCRIPTION of the body type did). You will then answer a series of questions, and when finished it will tell you your CURVE ID, (three types) Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve.

Pretty exciting huh??? Its always a feat trying to find a perfect pair of jeans that FIT, especially when your ASSets are on the thicker side! I'll report back to you when I receive my pair.. they hit stores September 1st!





KeyTX said...

I wonder what my spoonful of booty will be considered lol...this is an excellent idea...go LEVI'S!!!