Monday, July 6, 2009

White is the new............ well white!!!! LOL!

So Diddy held his annual 4th of July All White affair this past weekend in Beverly Hills and lets just say the fashions were "yawn" a BORE. 



1. Teyana dressed like Chris Brown (lol)

2. Lil Kim looked a FOOL as usual

3. Awww Lauren London, looks ADORABLE pregnant .

4. Mel just went with short and tight, is that really cute though? 

5.Khloe is just blah to me  5. Nichole looks kinda paper sackish but she's Gorgeous to me

6. I actually liked Cassie's dress, but her hair is horrid

7. Tara Reid?? Where did she come from?? LOL

8. Khloe is another BLAH BLAH BLAH chick

9. Julissa has the DIVA look going on, Busta hmmmm

10. Dawn and Q = BORING

11. The Show stopper who killed them all .....(my personal views) none other than Ye's arm candy - Amber Rose, I'm sorry but the girl is killin it on the streets



NOW if you want to make a statement at the next "White Affair" in your area, check this look out!


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Mo Quen Ma said...

Looking at lil kim makes me feel violated. She creeps me out to the most supreme level that a person can reach in creeped-out-ness.