Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's a B-Girl's world!!!

I am totally and completely a B-Girl (at heart) since I would probably break my face trying to breakdance, so of course I love anything that's an ODE to B-Girl style. It's junky, unique, flashy, in-your face, and who doesn't love that?? Besides that's what FASHION is all about!! 

Check out some of my favorite pieces on the net.


1st up is Melody Ehsani - she's a killer designer has very hot pieces, jewelry and shoes!!

"Pow" Earrings $50.00 - www.karmaloop.com - Melody Ehsani

The "Asjai Heel" $150 (this is a B-girl dresses up) - www.karmaloop.com - Melody Ehsani

Visionary Necklace $34.00 - Oh and guess what?? The jewelry is made from old 45's!! How cool is that?? LUVS iT! -  www.junkprints.com

"Mouthing Off" T-Shirt $36.00 (ok, how cute is this? sold-out out right now, but I am patiently waiting for it to return) - www.dimepiecedesigns.com

Pearl Pistol Earrings $26 - and Pearl Revolver Necklace $41 - (is this promoting gun violence???) www.plasticland.com

"Public Enemy" Earrings $13 - www.80spurple.com

"Braxton" Denim Clutch (all clutch handbags are one of a kind) $80 - www.guerillasoul.com

Sugar Mafia Tee - (by the way they have some KILLER Tees, and oh so UN-politically correct) - www.myspace.com/sugarmafiaboss