Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camo, Camo, Camo Heaven

Those who know me well, know that CAMOFLAUGE is my favorite color (i know its a pattern, but I call it color - thank you) it goes with EVERYTHING.. every color, pink, red, yellow, etc.. andd it never goes out of season (its ALWAYS IN)the lists goes on and on.. it had to be one of the top 10 greatest creations ever.. I would wear it everyday if I could...

But guess what??? Apparently there are some designers who feel as I do..

Check out this season's new finds in camo.
1st up

Louis Vuitton's Artistic Director Marc Jacobs (my fave designer by the way) and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami (remeber the Murakami LV bags - the rainbow colors - same guy). Now this bag here, is my ABSOLUTE FAVE right now - to combine the classic LV print and camoflauge was a brilliant idea. This will definitely be a collector's item, its a nice price tag at $1500 plus..

UGGS!!!!!!! The favorite comfort boot has also joined the trend. Check these out - in 2 colors (brown and blue)

Brown - classic camo, (which I prefer)

Manolo Blahnkik even blessed us in the spring with his small camo collection

The LEGENDARY - Mary Jane

I absolutely ADORE these - I would soooo rock these with some jeans and a simple fitted white tee.

That does it for me today... Im going to daydream about that Louis!!
Stay tuned - Fall 2008 Must haves!!!


ms.purifoy said...

I'm the first to comment, yayy!!! I love the camo too!!! Especially the duffel. I also like the juicy camo slip on! They have a faux fur trim and crystals. Super cute!!!

Betsey said...

Thank you for shining some light on the fashion challenged! I bow to your greatness (not really..lol), but I do appreciate the fashion tips.

Skinny Chicks said...

Okay...the camo manolo's...To Die For!!