Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A~Lo's Into - Fall Must Haves

I's great to be invited to write on my fashion soul sista's blog! I am truley honored. I will do my best to live up the hype :). Allow me to introduce myself...I can be called A~Lo, Ang, Angeliqua from Compton or just plain Angel. I love fashion. I mean I LOVE fashion! I am a self taught fashionista from West Virginia..yea I said it...WV! I was lucky enough to meet the only other person I know who can talk fashion for hours....my girl J~Boogie! Some call it shallow.....we call it profound wisdom! So here goes...some of my fall must haves for 08'.

Fringe Bags: They are NOT just for bikers and hippies!!

I love messengers and Tory Burch definitley works out this fringy messenger. A little pricey at $535, but to me a cute bag is NEVER too much!! Comes in BRIGHT yellow also...too cute!

A~Lo tip:
**If you can't afford a real designer bag, PULEEZ do not rock the faux designers. Just get a nice bag without the label...word of wisdom...if it's faux, the people you are fooling are NOT fashionistas anyway! A true fashionista can see or smell a fake bag a mile away :)

Opera Gloves are one of my favorite things for Fall! The really great thing about these are you don't have to spend a lot of money to get super cute ones.
The bolder and brighter, the BETTER!!!

These Carolina gloves from eluxury.com will run you around $169.00.


You can rock the Target Couture Isaac Mizrahi's for a mere $12.99!

A~Lo tip:

**A true fashionista can rock killer gear from ALMOST anywhere!

Shoes are my favorite things in life next to bags. Louboutin is right up there with God...Kidding to all my spiritual folks...but not really...LOL!!! I feel like I have not achieved fashion greatness until a pair of those shiny red bottoms hit my closet shelf!! The day will come...and when it does...you will all know about it. So although Louboutins are out of reach for some of us...no other shoe represents quite like her....so HELLO LOVER....my number one must have for fall....ankle boots!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....ISN'T SHE LOVELY! Moment of silence please..........

So there it is Ladies and Gentlemen.....I can't wait to keep you all posted on what I think brings fabulosity to your life and wardrobe! Hope you enjoyed!!


Betsey said...

I love the A-lo tips! Keep them coming.

Skinny Chicks said...

Love the Tory B bag!!