Monday, February 8, 2010

Saddle em' up!

(top)Sears catalog 1941 (bottom)Wesleyan College Student 1938

Did you know that saddle shoes were back? They have been creeping through the stores slowly but surely. Oh how I used to love my saddle shoes, I would clean them with a little towel everyday before going to school. I hated to see dirty saddle shoes, although at times it seemed like it was a kind of "en-vogue" thing to do, if they reached to the point of no return - I begged for a new pair. Now they are back... but the real question is, how do you wear these now as an adult and get away with them?

I'll show you! 

Day 1.
It's a casual day, but you want to look about something, and you have decided to forgo heels for the day. Here is a cool option: Find a cute graphic tee, a vest, casual slouch pants and coordinating accessories to complete your look. Also I vote that the pants are rolled per the picture!!

Bob Marley Wanna Love Ya Dark Pink Babydoll TShirt - Wear Your Beer, $13
DURAS ambient T-shirt Vest (Gray), $76
Arthur Pant: Buy Alice + Olivia Clothing, $275
Bass 'Enfield' Oxford (Women), $69
Stone Bow Stud Earrings, 8 GBP

Day 2.
So maybe its casual Fridays at work, and you want to switch things up a bit. Here's a great look, a sweater with rhinestone detail, button down blouse, khakis (this screams WORK, the saddles shouldn't take them by alarm) and a very cute cross-body bag. Chanel studs, and a black and gold zippered bracelet complete this looks (so yes it screams WORK, but the small details of the accessories and the shoes, scream your own personal style) -Sweater, $30
tuxedo blouse, $18
Women's Plus: Women's Plus Tab-Front Perfect Khakis - Khaki, $13
Bass 'Enfield' Oxford (Women), $69
L.A.M.B. - Dorset Lambert (Sterling) - Bags and Luggage, $290

Day 3
The Beau want's to get in on the action as well!! Well we don't disappoint - check out this Manstyle. Keeping it simple for the guy, we paired it with a nice argyle sweater, his basic white tee,  light denim jeans (i love the contrast of the dark sweater and light colored denim) and a nice watch. Check the footwork, its a nice sneaker version of the saddle shoe.


Lovely Brown Girl said...

Oh my! I love the sneaker version of the saddle shoe! They don't make that for women?!

FashionRevo08 said...

@ Lovely Brown Girl - Why yes they do Urban Outfitters has them sizes 6 -10 Marais USA Canvas Saddle Lace Up!

toneshak said...

I used LOVE these too! I am glad they are back!! Thanks for the examples :)

Sage Book Whisperer said...

I had just written my Blog Post on this Subject..when a friend sent your link to me! I have a Love/Hate relationship with Saddles..more Love than Hate!I hated them as a child because I had no choice.Now,I just adore them.Great source mentioned on my Blog for purchase of all kinds of Saddles to get "yo Saddle on"...great minds think alike!

Sage Book Whisperer said...

Sorrry,I forgot to name the "source" for Saddle need to be able to get some of the the source out via...