Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I suck and I know it! :0(

I've just been sooo busy, and honestly havent been to inspired to write one thing. Blogging is really one of the hardest things to do, because if your not feeling it - boy you could go days with a BLANK page, and disappoint alot of people. As I have, and of course no one told me I had to do this blog, I did and I love it (most days) but after recruiting readers, etc. I owe it to you to produce something.

So hear goes!

I know I was supposed to finish the rest of the top trends for fall, and I will TODAY - being that today is OFFICIALLY the 1st day of fall! If you are wondering if  I am too late, umm no you still are on top of it! Just jump right in and make sure to buy one of the following.


So no pics, no outfits, just straight up talk!!

Big Shoulder Jackets - and you all thought Beyonce was out of her mind sporting what seemed like countless outfits with shoulder pads. Well she was actually ahead of the game (1st time for everything right?) big shoulders are in. Look at it this way, big shoulders automatically makes the waist appear smaller! That has to count for something right????

Gloves - to be more specific, long fingerless gloves - this is actually one of my favorite trends this season, there are some DOPE styles out there right now. If you know me personally (yes you will probably see me in them a time or two)!

Short Velvet Dresses - hmmmm not so much for me, however if you like velvet and you like short dresses - here's a perfect match. If you are like me, and wondering what the hell the Fashion Mafia  were thinking, don't be surprised when you notice these in your local boutiques.

Fur Stoles - Yes, you too can look a real Manhattan Socialite, however I would warn you against getting the "real" thing. You don't want any problems with P.E.T.A..

Head to monotone - as much as I hate to be matchy matchy, I'm digging this look! Why? Because your can rock the HELL out of it, and look very fashionable. I'm digging layering different shades of greys, blues, and purples! Ooooh sounds nice huh?

Blanket Coats - think Snuggies but a lil more fashionable! (Not feeling it huh?) yeah me either LOL!

Lace-Ankle Booties - So 80's! So Madonna! So loving it!! There are some FIERCE booties out there! JUMP ON THEM.....

Over-the knee Boots - and yes it is very specific, not just knee boots but OVER THE KNEE! *Disclaimer* I am an eternal hater of knee boots, over the knee, whatever you want to call them. I am representing for the big leg girls (like Alicia holds us down) and I just can't rock them, calves are just too damn big. But for all you skinny leg chicks that can - check them out, they are out there and DEEP

Black is the new Black - so black is back apparently, personally I'd like to think it never goes out of style! However, its just not enough to wear a black dress, no when I am talking about black is back, I'm talking about giving you FULL Black. Black dress, black tights (tights which are big this fall as well, prints, solids, plaids), black shoes, black handbag, black accessories FULL BLACK!

There you have it Revolutionaires, of course I didn't hit on all of them, there are really just too many to name! If you have any you want featured or need outfit ideas, hit me up here on the blog or email me at fashionrevolutionaires@gmail.com

until next time Revolutionaires..................


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back! The way you started this post I thought you were on some, "I just can't do it no more" type stuff. Good stuff lady. Keep up the good work!