Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cute Items under $30

Its Thursday, so how about an items under $30 post. The country is facing tough economic times, and of course you should be saving - but I have a treat! These are items, most can actually afford, they just happen to be CUTE!


Street Saint Basic Tank $18.00 – www. 



Stripe Boyfriend Vest $22.50 –




Blue Q – This Economy Suck Coint purse $.4.95 – www.kitson




Barrer Multi Color link bracelet $20 –




Global Elements Ruffle Clutch $13.95 –




CL by Laundry Quilted Weekender $8.74 -




NYC By Perlina Double Handle Satchel $12.49 -




Boy Meets Girl Tote $18.00 -




Great piece for the office!

First Lady Jacket $31.00 (ok sue me its $1 over, but soocute)      




Floral Burst Dress $24.80 –




White Victorian Revenge Tee by Ames Bros $27.00 –




Jessica Alba has spotted rockin' this cool Ode to Los Angeles Tee

Estevan Oriol "LA Round Two" Tee $26.00 -




Square Bangle Set - $29.00 –




Cammy’s Handcuff Earrings $19.99 –





These are so cute and so me - I loooove colorful socks

Neon Argyle Shortie Sock Pack $12.50 –




These come in 3 different colors!

Ecote Braided Leather Thong $28.00 –


Hopefully, something caught your eye, plus it won't even bust your wallet!