Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring 101

Ladies, get your checklist out, and your spring clothing budget together. FOR ITS THAT TIME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't Fret! Remember, I always give you outfit ideas! Stay tuned for my blogs in the upcoming weeks. This will get you started!!!!

Top Spring Trends for 2010

  1. Military influence – One of my favorites!!! Camouflage, structured jackets, army green.

  1. Denim – we are taking it back OLD SCHOOL! We are talking denim shirts, denim dresses, and wearing denim on denim.


  1. Pastels – Just think Ice-Cream colors, not so much just nude

  1. Safari/Tribal Print – think of what you would wear if you were on a safari in the jungles of wild Africa. Can you picture it? Exactly! That’s what you would wear….

  1. Draping – draping is going to be HUGE this season draped dresses, draped jumpsuits, and the list goes on. Its very flattering on pretty much any figure type.



  1. SPARKLE- yes it’s a BLINGIE season, and we are talking on everything. Rhinestone, Glitter, Sequins, Metallics, all things shiny!

  1. Undergarments as clothing! – Sounds trashy? Nah not so much, if you wear it correctly and to proper events. Corsets, sheer tops and lace tops are a few options that you will see.


  1. Sportswear – remember when tennis skirts were really big in the 90’s? Well a more sophisticated look is what we are aiming for, go for pleated skirts, polo type shirts, thigh length shorts (booty shorts are out!)

  1. Floral prints – they were around last spring, and they are still back , so dust that stuff of and work it.

  1. Tie- Dyed – can u believe it? Yes its back


Globetrotter22 said...

nooo not going for the military influence, anywhere. florals are cute, as long as they don't look like my grandma's old floral curtains, that was a wreck. Sportswear is always bomb if you pull it off right. Sparkly, Safari, Pastels, and Denim YESSSS!! Especially to the pastels, bright colors are always attractive. Draping is definitely a maybe in my book.